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August 16, 2009

Goodbye Trees

Twice in the last year (the last time fairly recently), we've had our household drainage back up into the laundry room. In each case, it's been due to root incursions on the outlet line. This time, we went further than roto-rooting the roots. We had our favored company come and run a camera up the line. They found not just roots, but the pipe buckled by a larger root.

After consulting with our plumber, the city and a tree company we've used in the past, we concluded that the trees in our front yard had to be removed. Their roots will still grow for up to two years, but we hope that there will be no further damage of the line, and that we may get away without having to dig up the yard and sidewalk to replace it.

These trees have been in our front yard since before we moved in, and have moderated the temperature and sheltered our house for all that time. I'm very sad that they are gone.

Posted by dpwakefield at August 16, 2009 05:17 PM


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