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December 24, 2009


Recently on Netflix:

Julie and Julia. Jean and I agree that this was half a good movie. All the Julia was interesting, and all the Julie was annoying.

49 Up. I've never watched any of the earlier installments in this documentary series, but this one was very interesting.

On my own I've watched One Eyed Jacks, a sorta classic Marlon Brando western. The one I really wanna see is Missouri Breaks, which I saw many years ago and which was quite quirky.

I'm just about finished watching Stephen Chow's kid's movie, CJ7, which is corny, but has a bit of the strange cartoon sense of humor Chow is famous for.

And yes, I did see Avatar, in 3D, and yes, it was pretty good. For a retelling of Pocahantas.

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