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December 24, 2009

Scottish, Irish and English Breakfast Teas

I've always been a green tea drinker, preferring them to most black teas. I never liked the scented, fruity Darjeelings or Oolongs. I make an exception for gunpowder or lapsang souchong, but until now that's about been it.

Recently, though, Jean introduced me to the world of breakfast teas, of which the principal varieties seem to be Scottish, Irish and English. They are rich, not perfumed, and taken with milk really do fit in well with breakfast. She started me off at a high standard, sharing her fave-of-the-moment, Taylors of Harrogate Scottish Breakfast. It was very good.

Last weekend I tried to find something equivalent at the local grocery store, but the best I could do was Stash's Super Irish Breakfast Tea, which was above average for a black tea, but much below the standard of TofH Scottish. Anyway, I've had a cup of breakfast tea most every morning at work this last week, and can see doing the same for awhile.

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