October 03, 2003

Pilates ... Sort Of

I really enjoyed taking that Cha-cha class with Jean. There's another class for Two Step that just started, but Jean's real classes are pretty much eating up all her time. So I decided to find another way to embarrass/hurt myself.

Today I started a lunchtime class in 'core stability'. That is, strengthening the back and abdomen. I've always been prone to back problems, and while I do strength training to help it, I think I tend to skimp on the waist, doing mostly sit-ups and Roman Chair. So when I saw this class was being held every Friday, I decided to try it out.

The instructor is of course totally fit, and she let slip that the exercises were modelled on Pilates, which I've heard of, but never investigated before. The session was one half hour, and I was sweating at the end.

There was no running, jumping, bouncing or any obvious exertion, but it was hard! Lots of slow motion gut crunching while your legs are up in the air. I actually gave up on perfect form, as it was making my lower back twinge dangerously. Maybe after a few tries...

I can't really reproduce most of the exercises she did, it's too new to me. So I'll have to let a week lapse without much practice, then hope I pick it up more next time. Wish me luck!

Update (Saturday morning): Good god am I sore!

Posted by dpwakefield at 07:43 PM