November 09, 2005


It would be unprofessional to go into detail, so I'll just say that yesterday there was some 'rebalancing' at work, and a couple folk I've worked with a while now are looking for jobs. I didn't sleep much last night, it's always stressful when the ax falls, even if it misses you. Considering I have been nursing a cold for the last week, I expect I'll have another sniffle soon. Pooh.

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January 09, 2004


I finally got in to work for a full day. Leaving Tualatin was a funhouse ride, but once I got on the main roads, they were practically clear. The trip home was nearly all clear, except for Umatilla, my home street. Looks like melting is the trend here.

I heard early in the day that there might be some freezing rain over the weekend, but I haven't heard anything like that since, so I've got my fingers crossed.

Kelly was much more cheerful today. She went out with Jean on errands, so her cabin fever is much reduced. Tomorrow I'm hoping to take her to her first swimming class of the season. Luck to us!

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January 08, 2004

There and Back Again

Well, I finally made it into work. Not for a full day, more like a half, but I was able to bring some of my notes home with me in case we get iced in again. The trip down was more or less as I predicted, though generally without incident.

Returning home, I spent a lot of time on the highway, as there was some sort of accident north of Tualatin which had vehicles backed up south of Wilsonville. When I finally got into Tualatin, it was as if every turn I made added twenty percent to the difficulty of the road. On Umatilla, my own street, I was gunning it and fishtailing, and finally raced the engine up the driveway into my garage. It's 34 degrees right now, so if the temperature manages to hold, we may escape without further icing. But I'm not holding my breath.

Hope tomorrow is easier driving (or driving at all).

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February 11, 2003


I worked from home today, and I was about twice as productive as I was when I went in to the office yesterday. Reason: I have ready access to the refrigerator, and can feed-forward the foods my ailing body needs, rather than anticipating and bringing my food to work. My particular ailment has slowed my digestion and reduced my appetite, so having access to a broader menu helps immensely.

I had spent some time a couple of weeks ago getting local port forwarding in SSH working so that I could access my work weblog and add posts. Yes, I have a weblog at work. I find I've gotten quite used to composing my thoughts in this format.

However, there was a catch. Since MovableType uses stylesheets and cgi scripts with the absolute URL in them, my port forwarding scheme ended up stripping all formatting from the pages, leaving me with input forms that were one or two characters wide. Not workable.

So today I figured out why Mac OS X wasn't paying attention to my /etc/hosts entries, and got that working too. I felt very productive!

And no, that's not the only thing I did today! This only took me a few minutes on the way to writing up my day's work results. So there!

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