Welcome to my page!

(Gaudy, isn't it?)

I've avoided having a web page for some time, mostly due to having nothing in particular to say on the web. (The only reason I've got one now is that I needed a place to advertise my Chatka & Curla project on the web.) From time to time, something might be added here, but don't expect too much. :-)

Every ugly website needs a dumb counter! Deal. [Counter]

You can also find me mentioned on the DragonMuck website; I'm the building wizard on that muck. To connect to the muck, click the dragon icon.

Now that you've seen an ugly web page...go away! There's nothing to see here! That's the point!

Misc. links: NOVA, GURPS (also FAQ, links, and my gurps page), KODT, ULC, Auroraverse, Ihcoyc Xpictoc, Studio Foglio (makers of XXXenophile)

Con links: RustyCon, GeoCon, NorWesCon, SakuraCon, WesterCon ( 52, Spokane in 1999, 53, Honolulu in 2000, 54, Portland in 2001), InCon, TerraCon, OryCon.
It appears that the 2002 Worldcon will be in San Fancisco, due to the regretable but necessary withdrawal of the Seattle bid.

Telnet links: Eugene Free Net, agora

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This page was created by Scott Sanford, wyvern@agora.rdrop.com, and last updated on the 24th of February, 1999.

(I really look like
this picture shows me.)