Art of the Chatka & Curla

A number of people have asked me at one time or another about the art that appears here on the Chatka & Curla website. Rather than answer all of them individually, I've decided it would be nice to just make a single page for this commentary. I'll take the pictures one at a time; please be patient if this page takes a while to load.

It might help to make your viewing window wider or narrower if the formatting seems to be off or unaesthetic.

The first thing you'll see when connecting to the main page is this pretty young thing, of course. The girl is the title character from a Japanese series called Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water; it struck me how much her costume there resembled a chatka & curla. The graphic is unretouched at the moment, but that may change, as I think I may be able to edit out some of her clothing without side effects if I have a few hours to play around with the problem.

Moving down the main page we come to two photographs. The fellow on the left with his hand half-covering his face is none other than John Norman, AKA Professor John Lange of Queens College CUNY. He's a shy fellow, you see. This photo was taken back in 1992 at Magicon in Orlando by Robert Sneddon. (There's another photograph of him on the Gor magazine site).

The devilishly handsome man on the right is myself, as I was garbed Friday of OryCon 20 in Portland OR. (Let me note that in my day to day life I quite often wear pants.) I hope to add more pictures of both Mr. Norman and myself to the site as the become available. You can click on it to get a larger and clearer view.

The humorous icon found on the main page, which changes from time to time as I swap new ones for old, has nothing to do with Gor. It is merely a bit of whimsy. Click on the icon to see where I got them.

And so on to other parts of the site. On the orientation page that speaks of the VR environment of the Chatka & Curla on FictionMuck, we see two pieces of art that I found as celebrity nudes. (Hopefully that's not distracting.)

On the left we have Cher naked and in sirik; it was an obvious inclusion. What she was thinking of when she composed the picture I couldn't say, but she looks yummy. (Click for the full sized original; the thumbnail doesn't do it justice.) The look is from Cher's 1979 'Prisoner' album; there are a few other, simiar shots.

On the right is Grace Jones au natural with chains around her ankles and a whip; quite a pleasant sight, I'd say. The only alteration I did on this graphic was to remove some writing that a former distributor had added, although it had to be flipped right-for-left to hide the scandalous lack of a brand on her left thigh. It's my first altered color graphic, and I think it turned out pretty well. Grace Jones has done several interesting photo shoots; I may include other pictures of her at some point.

These two lovlies in slave garb are both altered considerably from the original drawings. The other needed but minimal alteration.

The camisk clad slave on the left is derived from a picture of Lum from the Urusei Yatsura series; some time with a paint program added the camisk, earrings, belled anklet, brand and collar. (At the same time removing her horns and the boots she wore in the original artwork. As an interesting note, I had to revise this at one point when later examination showed me that I had inadvertantly given her two left feet. Oops!) There is another piece almost identical to this one save that she is not wearing the camisk.

The kajira on the right in the ta-teera is another example of adding Gorean slave garb to a nude figure. In this case it was a drawing I found somewhere on the net; the URL of the original is long forgotten. This turned out fairly well – though I've always thought her collar was a bit narrow, the ta-teera itself came out well and certainly shows off a slave girl's figure appropriately.

The master & slave pictured here began as the protagonists from the series Outlanders. Kahm, like Lum, needed horns removed; for her I also needed to reconstruct the hair that they'd covered. (Scantily clad alien princesses, with or without horns, who descend upon unwitting Japanese guys to make their lives Hell are actually quite common in anime.)

The girl in the chatka & curla here, that introduces us to the files page, is in fact the first Gorean conversion I did. The picture started as a representation of the character Madoka Auykawa from Kimagure Orange Road wearing a bikini. Some time with a paint program left fairly little of the original left; for example, I flipped it right for left to display the Tuchuk brand on her thigh.

The pretty blond in her birthday suit is Miss Daniel Munsun, 4th runner up at the 1967 Miss Nude Universe Contest. Not that I knew that when I put it up on the page; I'd just found the picture on the net and decided I liked seeing a pretty girl naked with a numbered tag around her throat. More of her may be seen in the February 1968 issue of Playboy, if you can find that. This picture was not in that magazine; how many other pictures from that event might be floating around the net I've no idea.