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This is the follow up to my first post and the setting is now firmly on the Counter Earth planet Gor as created by John Norman and described in his Gor Chronicles.

There isn't too much sex in this installment but I hope that it will make you feel warm all over, well in certain parts anyway. Please treat this part as the starter dish before your main course which will be winging it's way from the kitchen/typewriter before too long (hopefully).

Please feel free to email me with comments (surprisingly all the comments last time were from women, so I assume that I touched the Kajira in some women with the last part!)

The Initiation of a Slave

Part Two - 'The Head Girl'

As I watched my helpless little love slave I began to think of all the delicious pleasures that I would have with her. After a time she stirred, but slowly as if she had to swim her way back to consciousness. Eventually she opened her eyes and seeing me she took a large gasp of air. Allowing her the one breath, I quickly covered her mouth firmly but gently with my hand indicating that she was not to speak. After her breathing had become more settled I put my index finger across my lips to tell her to keep silent and removed my other hand from her mouth.

She lay there panting with shock, like a deer that has been cornered by the wolf. I took several large cushions and lifting her torso with my left hand placed them under her back so that she was nearer to me.

'Do you know where you are?' I asked. As she tried to speak I covered her mouth and said 'Just nod your head 'Yes' or 'No''. She nodded 'No'.

'You are in my castle. I don't know how long you have been on Gor but it has obviously been long enough for you to start learning your slavery'. I lifted the whip next to me which was coated with her juices and smiled at her. She turned red and looked away.

I clapped my hands together loudly to alert the slave on duty. In a few seconds my summons was answered by a statuesque brunette running swiftly but delicately to the side of the bed. The woman immediately knelt with her head touching the floor. This was Tamara my head girl.

It is common in Gorean households for a Master to appoint a girl who is nominally in charge of the other slaves. She herself has no real power of course and should she take for granted the authority she has over the other girls it is swiftly whipped out of her by her Master. The head girl will pass orders along to other slaves on behalf of the Master and a good head girl will sometimes issue orders herself to the other slaves, on the Masters behalf but always with a knot in her stomach in case the orders fail to please the Master.

Tamara was an excellent head girl.

'Head up slave.' I murmured and Tamara straightened her back swiftly, raised her head and in a show of attractiveness flicked back her long dark hair over her back.

'What do you desire Master?' she said with a perfect smile.

The sheer audacity of the movement made me laugh and I replied,

'I really will have to whip that pride out of your ass someday slave'.

'I would enjoy that Master' she fenced back, laughing.

'Yes you would wouldn't you, slut' I rejoined, 'up to a point' looking directly at her my smile fading quickly. Tamara's eyes opened widely for a moment and it appeared to me that the breath suddenly caught in her throat. I laughed loudly again and she visibly relaxed, realising that I was still playing with her (this time). The best head girls often live close to their Masters tolerance seeking to delight the Master in new and different ways. And as I have said Tamara was an excellent head girl.

Bringing my attention back to my new slave I looked at her as she lay in my lap and noticed what an effect this delicious scene had had on her. She lay perfectly still not moving a muscle and her eyes were open wide staring back and forth between Tamara and I. Her eyes finally came to rest on my own and I said 'well Jan, you look as if you have something to say. You have my permission to speak.' After a few seconds trying to get words from a parched throat she said,

'Sh-She is your slave girl?'. 'Was that question worth all the effort? Of course she is my slave girl, one of hundreds I own... as I now own you'.

'No! That can't be!', 'Oh but it can be. Here. In this world'.

'You can't be my Master!', Tamara gasped as Jan uttered these foolish words. Suddenly realising the enormity of what she had said, Jan fell silent and tried to shrink in on herself in my lap, but she had nowhere to go. I casually looked at Tamara who looked suddenly tense not knowing what I would do.

'She has not yet had her first whipping from me' I said quietly by way of explanation. Turning back to Jan who had started to sweat I added

'Or had you forgotten that slave initiations always involve pain to some degree?'

'I-I'm sorry... Master'. Leaning over her, holding her face close I said menacingly 'It is far to late for that slave'. She gave an involuntary whimper in a instinctual way, natures plea from the submissive to the dominant. A tear coursed down her cheek and mixed with a trickle of sweat. I leaned closer still until she could feel my breath on her face and slowly licked the salty trickle from her cheek in one motion. I held her eyes in mine and tensed my heavily muscled arms, her eyes opened wider still and the room was perfectly still. Suddenly I dumped her from my lap onto the floor and burst out laughing.

Tamara started to laugh also, but poor Jan was still in a state of shock I believe. 'Until later Jan, Slave'.

Addressing my head girl I gave her my instructions,

'Prepare her for me.'

'Yes Master' said Tamara. 'Do you have any special wishes?'

'Remove all the hair from her body except for her head and tidy her hair, but I still want it as long as possible.'

'Yes Master'.

'Give her a plenty of water but no food. Clean her thoroughly inside and out'.

'Yes Master' said Tamara, with a smile on her face (she knew why I asked for the last instruction).

'Do not rush the preparation, I want her to be perfect. Do you understand?' I lifted Tamara's face with my fingertips under her chin to look at her face.

'I understand perfectly Master' said the delicious slut bending her head slightly to kiss my fingers.

'Also' I said, looking at Jan who had risen to the standard slave position, on her (widely spread) knees with straight back 'for this time only, do not use your switch on her if she misbehaves, just inform her that she has earned an extra stroke from my whip. I want a fresh canvas to work on'. Jan shuddered. I am not a particularly cruel Master and although she had already irritated me considerably I would not actually whip her senseless tonight (especially as I wanted her to squirm in my arms afterwards), but of course she did not know that.

'Have her ready for me by the tenth Ahn'.

'Yes Master'. 'Master I have one question and a request'. I raised an eyebrow in curiosity.

'Yes sweet slave?'.

'Would you like the slave clothed or naked?'

'Put her in slave silk. And your request?'

'Master has been 'leaking'. May I clean you Master?'

I looked down and noticed that the huge erection I had been sporting had started dripping pre-cum onto my belly. My slave girls had coined the word 'leaking' during our times together. I put back my head and roared with laughter.

'Yes slave you may'. Tamara leaned close over the side of the bed and lowered her head to my stomach. She gently poked her impossibly red tongue out between her pure white teeth and lapped at the pool of pre-cum that had collected in my navel. I ran my hand through her hair whilst she did this, thinking what treasures were pleasure slaves, or Kajira as I had learned to call them since coming to Gor.

After a minute or two of this superb scene Tamara took the head of my cock into her mouth, pushing the foreskin back with her tongue to get at my 'leaking'. After a second she began to suck and I had to close my fist in her hair causing her to squeal in pain and release me otherwise I was in danger of coming there and then and possibly choking her in the process!

'Naughty slave' I said as I released her hair and patted her head. 'Later'. She smiled and rubbed her sore scalp impishly.

Clicking my fingers and pointing out the door I indicated that she was dismissed along with her charge.

'Yes Master'. Once again she put her head to the floor and then rose to her feet. Moving swiftly over to Jan who had been hypnotized by the deliciously 'dirty' scene she had just witnessed, Tamara put her right hand in Jan's hair and shouted,

'Up slave girl' and pulled. Emitting a screech of pain Jan rose unsteadily to her feet, as her hands were still bound behind her.

'Red silk for her Master?' enquired Tamara. 'Yes, unless you have any pink in the stores' I replied jokingly thinking of how little she really knew of sex. Tamara giggled and not waiting until Jan had fully risen Tamara started walking off with her hand still in Jan's hair and Jan's head against her hip. I had now doubt that she would walk all the way to the slave pens with Jan bent double at her side.

Yes, I thought and excellent head girl.

End of Part 2.

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