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These writings have been collected from many different authors over some time; while every effort has been made to keep everything straight, there may be some flaws or omitions. Go ahead and drop me some email if you have comments. The page is divided into sections for Gorean life, Gorean fandom, fiction, and humor.

Of course, I'm always looking for interesting new files, too! The last recorded update of this page was 6 June 1998.

Two Gor newspapers

Gorean Times

Gorean Gazette


The Gorean Exchange Point


The Gorean Scrolls

As a passing note, the Philosophers of Gor project vanished without a trace; if I find out why, I'll post a message. On the other hand, the job appears to have been taken over by the Gorean WebRing, the Ring of Honor and the Slave Ring, so the question may be academic.

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Aspects of Gorean Life

Give me feedback here, people...almost every site has something like this, many of them saying very nearly the same things. Do you really want the umpteenth repeat of a slave positions list? (You'll notice that these are all links to things on other sites – when something isn't being said well elsewhere, then I'll say it myself.) This could be useful as a link list to interesting files...but is there a need?

  1. Kaissa pages from Kajira Hill and Sir Midian, and a Welcome to Kaissa page may be read at your leisure. (Did you know that Caissa was the Muse of Chess?)
  2. An articulate article on free women may be found on Rogue's site; on the Silk & Steel site there is a detailed page on The Role of Free Women on Gor, which is highly advised reading. There is also a small free women page by sasi and some comments at the Slaves Den.
  3. Sandor talks about Slaves in the land of the Kassars
  4. and the girls of the Kassars demonstrate Slave positions. Another of the few pages on slave positions that rise above the crowd is that presented by Rik of Treve, pages 1, 2, 3 and 4.
  5. The Gorean bath, by sasi
  6. An essay on slave discipline on the Silk & Steel website, by sasha
  7. Also on that site, the Gorean slave's guide to Earth, a fascinating read.
  8. The Slave dances website courtesy of jena. There are dance commentaries elsewhere, too, of course, such as on eden's page, on sa-eela's page , and the Collar of Steel website.
  9. The Gorean Cartography page, by is nice; the map of Gor by Markus Harris on the Silk & Steel website is the best available anywhere! The maps of northern and southern Gor on #theChain's Misc. Information page are quite large, so be prepared. There is also a Gorean wargame map in existance and a beautiful if undetailed (and, I think, inaccurate) #Tahari-Oasis map.
  10. Having addressed space, you can then read about Gorean timekeeping.

Gorean Fandom

  1. Other Gor websites
  2. Other books, etc. (Once you've read John Norman, then what?)
  3. Vision Entertainment is producing a Gor magazine; the press releases are good reading.
  4. A Gor bibliography, courtesy of Sir Midian
  5. A Gor FAQ by kajira hill on her Little Bit of Gor site.
  6. The word 'roleplaying' is heard used as a perjorative on many IRC channels, accompanied by much bluster; some more reasoned views can be found in an article by kate. (I'll be adding others as I find the URLs.)
  7. John Norman & Camile Paglia: Birds of a Feather?
  8. The Page Numbers of Gor guide by Tanos
  9. Some Rumors of Gor...including letters regarding the upcoming World of Gor magazine.
  10. A fairly pointless Telnarian Histories rant (first posted on alt.books.gor)
  11. Facets: Gorean Life by Sybil L. King

Commentaries from outside

  1. An Open Letter to John Norman from Marc Laidlaw
  2. Some reviews of Imaginative Sex by well known BDSM folks
  3. The SF Archive's comments
  4. Some remarks about Gor from a BSDM practicioner

A while back while surfing I encountered, of all things, a Gorean crossword puzzle on #theChain's site. After downloading and solving it, I was moved to make my own such puzzle; here it is. This was also posted on alt.books.gor a while back; the truly stuck could visit Deja News and check the rot-13ed answers.

[I think text browsers are
out of luck here.]

  ACROSS                  DOWN
  1) A large river         1) a mountain range
  3) The three _____       2) lit. Priest-King
  4) lit. faster           3) the Ubar of Ar
  5) a mountain predator   6) a rodent
  8) ships sail with this  7) ______ Gulf
  9) a hard shelled fruit 10) king
 10) silver city
 12) Ko-__-ba
 13) a beast
 14) the game


Stories right here

  1. Counter Earth by Papa Smurf
  2. In the Gorean Slave Markets by laurel rose
  3. Princess, Part One, Part Two, and Part Three by an anonymous author
  4. Slave Initiation, Part One and Part Two by another anonymous author
  5. Vika's Arrival! * NEW * (And also see 'sam story', which is very similar but NOT by me...)

I've also received two excellent stories from Mike Kirkpatrick telling of K'Rok of Klima's adventures and travels...but I simply don't have 500k on this site to include them!

Stories on other sites

  1. The Belled Kajira tale, by maia (part one of six; links included)
  2. A Gorean Dream by maia
  3. maia's story by maia
  4. Property Regained by sasi
  5. Temee,the black kajira, by chatulah{LShR} (with a review by Wyvern)
  6. ...and of course the famous Gor War!

Other fiction pages

  1. Annakiya the Gorean Poet also has a stories page with an echoing site
  2. aria{Dh}'s Chronicles of a Slave
  3. The Gorean Garden Scrolls page
  4. Minx Kelly's Gor fiction page
  5. Writings of the slaves at the Silk & Steel Tavern (many poems)
  6. sasi's Kajira Page
  7. Swtangel's Slave Web Page's stories
  8. Treemarker's Tales

Other things to read

Humorous stuff

  1. The Dancing Slave Girls of Gor by Ray Radlein, on Richard Harter's site
  2. The Coeluraean Dictionary, on the Gorean Gardens site
  3. An Encounter with the Tuchux (the real-life SCA group)
  4. Golfers of Gor by Dean Malandris * NEW *
  5. Houseplants of Gor by Ellerol Elvish
  6. The Kajira doll by Mister Skin
  7. The webpage of the Marketing Corporation of Gor is now open, too! (The name to give is Master, and the password is the three letter word of greeting common on Gor in lowercase. This is case sensitive!)
  8. Poseurs of Gor by Wyvern
  9. An proposal to Recover Gor by Petruccio * NEW *
  10. SMOF-Kings of Ghorr
  11. Gor Novels We Wanna See by Tanith Tyrr
  12. Vacation on Gor by Pat Powers -- it's an exciting get-away opportunity from GorCo!
  13. Word Processors of Gor was lost in an accident -- does anyone else have a copy? :-(

Also visit Minx Kelly's Gorean Humor page for a chuckle or two, and let's not forget shanti{TM}'s Kajira Krunchies, with the same sort of surreal humor sometimes found in less accessable Monty Python bits. The Silk & Steel site features a Hagar strip – Hagar obviously is a slightly lost Torvaldslander!

In Tarnsman of Gor we learn that Tarl Cabot went to Oxford University; visitors to their websites will learn nothing at all about Tarl but quite a lot about this fascinating centre of learning.

Note: While your search engine may turn up the New Homepage of Tarl Cabot, it turns out that this is just a personal page of an Australian teenager named Rodney Stannells, without any information about Gor. His girlfriend's cute, but I don't care about his cars. :-)

That's all there is for now, folks!

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"The slave makes no bargains; she does not desire small demands to be
placed upon her; she does not ask for care; she asks nothing;
she gives all; she seeks to love and selflessly serve."

– The Prition, by Clearchus of Cos