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3 Feb 2001 Okay, yes, I've ignored this page for a long time. But I'm editing out some of the obsolete entries. The Chatka & Curla still exists on FictionMuck, and we even have people in there now and then.

The Chatka & Curla is a Gorean paga tavern on the net. While there are many IRC Gor channels -- indeed, almost a glut of them -- it seems that other kinds of realtime communication on the net have been almost completely ignored by Gor fans. And IRC is not even close to being the most detailed and impressive thing on the net.

The idea of Gor as a virtual setting on a computer system has been bouncing around in my head for the better part of a decade, ever since I encountered a multiplayer role-playing combat game on a local BBS and was inspired. :-) But for a while nothing much happened.

(Of course I've also considered a face to face Gor RPG, but I have no idea how to get John Norman to cut loose the rights, nor am I connected in marketing. And, while I'm digressing, would someone tell me why the hell roleplaying has such a dirty name on the Gor IRC channels? The word appears to mean something very different there?)

A few years ago I discovered MUCKs, something like IRC conducted in user programmable settings akin to the old text adventure games of the '80s. I'd found the proper setting!

The Chatka & Curla paga tavern is open on FictionMuck now. It is a well built and intricately detailed area, and players who have used mucks before may be amused by some of the details. (Look at exits. Notice the time of day. Look at things more than once.)

I think you will appreciate the Chatka & Curla.

Pardon our dust! We're still laying down carpet and picking out our new furniture! (And I'm having the darnedest trouble getting the pictures to stay up on the wall. Maybe I should use more velcro?)

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