GURPS Scott Sanford

Hi! Welcome to my little GURPS page. Little or nothing is actually here yet, nor am I expecting many visitors. Here's a link to my main page. The last recorded update was 23 Feb 99.

Links: GURPS books, and figure outlines (there's also a gallery elsewhere); the SJG GURPS links;
Murphy's Rules, KODT, World-building links, and who knows what I'll add in the future?

From 'The Game': Kay (a ~300pt PC super-linguist), Lily (an NPC ghost, ~800pts), Maiko (a cinematic scientist PC, ~400pts), Terry (a 400+ point telepath), Vika (~100pt harem girl (N)PC).

Looking at the list, the characters seem to be of quite high point value; they generally didn't start that way! The player characters there have been played for a long time, and it shows.

From a fantasy world desert campaign: Djaou ('the stick'), Katsiu ('the babe'), Khartshma ('the brick'), Mizana (a sample NPC), and Tjar (a mystic).

Martial Arts styles: Bloody Hand (a Reptile Man style), Ichinohei Taijutsu (a modern day ninja style). More to come!

Races: Note: My Reptile Men text is not yet completely finished; for another view of the race, see this page by Steven Smith.

Vehicles: Hot rod (TL7) *, Spy Van (TL7) * Volkswagon Van (TL7) *
(See also the Vehicle Companion outline...)

Disclaimer: GURPS and everything associated with it is © SJG; what isn't covered by their rights that I wrote is © me. Fair 'nuff?

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