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Note: John Norman will be appearing at the I-Con science fiction convention March 27-29.

The author of the Gor novels is John Norman, also known to the world at large as John Frederick Lange, Jr., Ph.D. (3 June 1931 - present).

[ Photograph of John Lange ] John Lange was born in Chicago Illinois to John Frederick and Almyra D. (Taylor) Lange on the third of June 1931. He married Bernice L. Green on the fourteenth of January 1956 and has three children, John, David, and Jennifer. (A note in passing: net searches turn up a college wrestler named John Lange, and several college faculty members; if any of these are John Lange III it can't be proven by me.) He appears fairly regularly at east coast science fiction conventions, sometimes accompanied by his wife. Anyone with knowledge of his convention schedule is encouraged to share it; an appearance itinerary would make a fine addition to this page.

He took his B.A. from the University of Nebraska in 1953 and his M.A. from USC in 1957. In 1963 he obtained his Ph.D. from Princeton with a 149 page dissertation entitled In Defence of Ethical Naturalism: An Examination of Certain Aspects of the Naturalistic Fallacy, With Particular Attention to the Logic of an Open Question Arguement (Princeton University, 24-12, Page 5636; order #AAI6401330).

[CUNY Library picture] Professionally, John Lange has been an Associate Professor of Philosophy at Queens College, CUNY (picture at right) for some time; as their philosophy department has not yet gotten a web page at this time and web wanderers are locked out of the faculty evaluations, I can't say definitively that he's there to this day – but the best information available indicates that he is.

Professional correspondence should be directed to Prof. John Lange care of the Department of Philosophy, Queens College of the City of New York, Flushing NY 11367. (Letters regarding his writings as John Norman should probably be sent via his agent or publisher, if only as a matter of politeness, but I do not have those addresses at this time.)

Alternately, fans might attempt to send letters to him via Vision Entertainment, the company that is producing the upcoming Gor Magazine. They are at Vision Entertainment, P.O. Box 9, Flushing New York 11358.

As John Lange he has written 'The Cognitivity Paradox: An Inquiry Concerning the Claims of Philosophy' (© 1970 Princeton University Press, ISBN 691-07159-4) and edited C.I.Lewis' 'Values and Imperatives: Studies in Ethics' (Stanford, 1969).

The Gor novels, his best known works, span 25 books written from 1967 to 1988, plus three installments of the Telnarian Histories, two other fiction works, and a nonfiction paperback entitled Imaginative Sex which was out of print for many years but has been reprinted recently by a specialty house. He has completed work on the 26th book of the Tarl Cabot series, which is entitled Witness of Gor and is expected to appear sometime in mid-1998. The 27th book is currently being written. There's also a graphic novel adaption of Dancer of Gor coming from Vision Entertainment, which is producing a quarterly Gor Magazine; the frst issue is complete and will be out early in 1998 with the next to follow a few months later; they hope to go monthly within the year. Bigraphies of his works are available on the web; among them are Sir Midian's (for completeness) and the Slaves Den, Swtangel's Slave Pages (for cover art). His name is also occasionally seen in the New York Review of Science Fiction.

See also the Gor FAQ on Kajira Hill's site, and the letter from John Norman that she has there.

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The Cognitivity Paradox; it has an 'about the author' blurb on the back cover

Contemporary Authors on CD, courtesy of the public library. :-) It's nothing short of amazing what they have (not nearly all of it has been used here).

Kajira Hill's Gor FAQ was quite helpful. It was there that the photo of John Lange was acquired, as well; it was provided to her by Tanos, who deserves thanks from all of us.

The photo of John Lange, for those who are interested, was taken in 1992 at Magicon in Orlando Florida, by Robert Sneddon.

Also, of course, I've drawn on hearsay and postings on the Internet from folks who have encountered him.

Another biography of John Norman may be found on the Gor Magazine site.

There is also a short John Norman biographical note on the I-Con science fiction convention's website.