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Gor Website Links

Here are some other Gorean websites that you might find interesting and informative, usually in no particular order but divided into sections for General Gorean websites, Tavern websites, Masters' pages, and slaves' pages, as well a a list of other link pages. The last recorded update was 7 Sep 98.

General Gor Sites

Gor Magazine
This is the official Gor Magazine site (although the address is a temporary one). It's at the top of the list for a darned good reason, too – and having said that, any further commentary would be superfluous.
The Gorean Times
The Gorean Times is a newspaper for IRC Gor channel readers. Good stuff, often. The content changes regularly, of course, as it's a newspaper; visiting the site every so often is good. Formerly the Gorean Daily Times, the name has changed to better reflect their bimonthly release schedule.
I wasn't able to get through to this site for a while; it turns out the address I had was simply no longer valid. Everything works now. Moreover, the content has enlarged considerably. (Thanks, Bear!)
Gorean Gazette
The only other Gorean newspaper attempt still existing; it hasn't been updated in quite a while.
The Gorean Corkboard
Started by michele{T} and tended by Tusk, this particular message site has worked better for me than the Gorean Exchange Point did. This is an excellent site for Gorean discussions! Visit the homepage, too.

Tavern websites

The Silk & Steel
The homepage for dal.net's #Silk & Steel paga tavern is an excellent place to visit. This is certainly the largest and most complete Gor website on the entire net; I highly recommend a visit! Don't miss the gift shop.
(6 Jan 98) There is now a Gor Magazine page here.
Tahari Oasis
The homepage of the Tahari Oasis channel was the first site to link back to the Chatka & Curla. My thanks to them! (NEW They now, like several others, have a map of Gor.)
The Belled Kajira
The Belled Kajira tavern's homepage, more or less; it also addresses two lovely kajirae named maia and eve. This one is well worth visiting. (It's also an ongoing project; my latest return found me surprised at the changes.)
Scarlet Caste Tower
This is an exceptional site for its CGI graphics. When you visit, you'll see for yourself. (A virtual reality like the one pictured would be as far past MOO*s as they are past IRC... I for one am looking forward to them coming to the net.)
A kajira training channel on Dalnet IRC, their site has the usual features. While I've never been there, the site suggests a large and active population.
Camp of Treve
They sent me a letter asking me to drop by, look around, and link to them if I liked the place...so I did!
Tavern of Stone
The Tavern of Stone has a beautifully designed homepage.
Gor 101
A site with an original and striking graphic design.

Masters' pages

Sandor of the Kassars
DO check out Sandor's pages! The Kassars are probably the largest group of RL Goreans around (with the exception of the Tuchux, who are a special case), and while there are a few less kaiila and a few more Harleys, it's pretty interesting. Sandor makes an eloquent statement of his philosophies and lifestyle; his page is notable for both the photos of his group and the work they've done on creating a language. Don't miss the Kassar girls in slave positions.
The Minx Pages
Gor, as seen by the matchless Minx Kelly. She has a fine fiction page and has drawn her own Gorean artwork; she also supports the Gorean Exchange Point.
Lady Mar'Pai's page
Lady Mar`Pai's web page, with comments on Gor and links to other sites.
Grey Skull Keep
A small but well built site, with a fine library. It also links to sites for naadirah^LN^ and sasi^LN^.
Panther Women of Gor
Anyone need an outlaw collared? (PS: thanks for the comment, Kasadie!)
The Panger Girl leader Tanya's camp channel web page. Quite nice to read about...but I suspect I would not fit in there. *grin*

Slaves' pages

Kajira Hill's page
Kajira Hill's 'Little Bit of Gor' is a fine resource for Goreans and for Earth people who are curious. (Note the letter from John Norman she has.) This is, as far as I know, quite possibly the oldest Gor website on the net.
Note: She's left this alone for a time; when she will be back from this little sabbatical I do not know.
eden's page
The slave known as eden on IRC is called bethany on FictionMuck where the Chatka & Curla lives. She has a very nice collection of slave dances and writings.
The Belled Kajira
A page for two kajirae, maia and eve. (Closely associated with the Belled Kajira tavern.) Unfortunately, they combine a graphics-intensive website design with a site that imposes bandwidth limitations; they may be temporarily unavailable, particularly near the end of the month.
The finch pages
The finch pages are on hiatus; she tells me they will return, later, at another address.
The slave girl finch is active on the net again, on the Gorean Corkboard, so hopefully her site will be back soon, too.
A Slave's Scrapbook
A pleasant little page, with some cute graphics.
Kajira sasi's page
A nicely done site that rewards the surfer who keeps going through the individual pages. (It also links to Grey Skull Keep.)
reina's kitchen
This is a new page; it looks promising!
Kajira SwtAngel's web page
Having been there, I can testify that this is a web page, all right. It's called THE Slave Web Page, and with reason.
nadira's page
It's brought to us by nadira, dedicated to Kira, and titled as Elisande's ... don't ask me, I just compile 'em. :-) Do visit this site, though, if only for the Kef tattoo.
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Links to other Links

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The Automated Gorean Links Page has disappeared, darn it.

The Gorean Gazette links

Minx Kelly's links

Lady Mar`Pai's links

The kajira hill link page

Gor 101

Rik of Treve's links

Rose Gardens

kajira dreams

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Honor Roll: Links back to the Chatka & Curla can be found on the shaylas little bit of Gor, Gorean Scrolls corkboard, FictionMuck, and Tahari Oasis, pages. Also, the John Norman biography has been mentioned on kajira hill's Little Bit of Gor page; Rex & midori's Page and eden's page link right here for Gorean links. Thank you, folks, for thinking of me; I'm alive and doin' fine!

If you have any remarks, find a link that doesn't work any more, or want to add another link to this page, drop me some email and let me know! (Bear of Ar has been good about this.)

Apparently dead links include: The Gorean Foundation, the Gor E-Zine, Healer's Hall, Counter Earth, Josephus of Ar's World of Gor Fan Page (darn it!), and whatever disappeared while I wasn't looking.

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