Comparing Logos

Old and New

Okay, I cheated a bit. The "Escape from Noise" logos were ones I made up for the bulletin, not ones that had been used before. The first closely modeled an actual logo, but the second wasn't that similar to the revised logo. This wasn't good; I'd rather the example be from real life. So here's another one, without modification.

[linear, dull logo]

This logo wasn't what I had in mind when I wrote the section on the design sense, but it illustrates how my sense of design changed. The logo above was designed for a page that held a yes/no personality test. I was trying to convey the suspense of how the test would turn out (hence the question mark), and whether the results would indicate that the test-taker was innocent or devilish (denoted by the white/black choices). For a while, I was satisfied with this logo, but it wasn't long before I was unhappy with it. The design was boring.

[excitingly rounded logo]

Here's the revision. All the design elements of the original are retained (basic elements, color scheme, relative positions), but it's quite different. Instead of having simple left-right symmetry, the axis of symmetry is at an angle. The question mark, which is now more prominent, has a subtle non-blurred drop shadow. All lines are still crisp, but now the graphic elements are set on three different fields of color. Three-dimensionality is indicated by the overlapping of layers (question mark on black disk, black disk on red disk). The design can certainly still be improved, but as it is it's a lot more interesting than the first, static version.

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