Little Mole (initial draft)
Clément Marot and Mark L. Irons
11 February 1999

    Little mole
    In your hole,
    Darkness hide.
 4  Why reside
    In this cell
    'Til you're well?
    Come with me
 8  And we'll flee
    To give praise
    Through long days.
    Don't stay pent,
12  Resident,
    Hid away.
    End your stay.
    Let's go mine
16  Stone divine.
    Gems and ore
    Are in store
    For those who
20  Remain true.
    Hands that glow
    Warn of woe;
    Do not lose
24  Your pale hues.
    Instead dig
    (Zag and zig)
    Tunnels deep.
28  Darkness keep
    Cloaked your soul,
    Little mole.

This was the initial draft, done in a coffeehouse. Somehow I didn't notice that it was 30 lines long, not 28. Lines 23-4 were cut for the real first draft.


  1. Line 24's "pale hues" are something that in Mole terms is good, not bad.

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