To a Mole Unborn (sixth draft)
Clément Marot and Mark L. Irons
31 March 1999

    Little mole
    In your hole,
    Darkness hide.
 4  Why reside
    In this cell?
    Leave your shell
    With a kick.
 8  Axe and pick
    Soon you'll raise.
    Through long days
    Don't stay pent,
12  Resident,
    Hid away.
    End your stay;
    You shall mine
16  Stone divine,
    Gems and ore.
    All this - more! -
    Awaits you.
20  Join we who
    Delve and dig
    (Zag and zig);
    We're your kin,
24  All born in
    Tunnels deep.
    We will keep
    Whole your soul,
28  Little mole.


  1. Lines 18-9 still need changing.

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