The Residents' Bad Day On The Midway

You've indicated that you are absolutely positive that you want some special information about The Residents' Bad Day On The Midway.

Well, since you really want to know, here's a hint that helped me out quite a bit:

If you are being "liberated" by Ted, click between his eyes.

That helped me to go on and find some endings, and it saved me from getting too frustrated.

Some other useful tips:

  • Jump between characters frequently.

  • Some characters can only go in certain places at certain times. If you're not allowed into a place, try again later.

  • Explore interactions between characters from both sides.

  • Save the game often.

  • Characters' thoughts can give clues.

I have some more specific information, but I really do suggest that you try the tips above.

If you really want to spoil it completely, you can go ahead.

no, I'll do it myself.            yes, spoil it

Last updated 8 June 2000
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