How to Increase Impressiveness in Black And White 2

Or, plant trees

The Anatomy of Impressiveness

Your city’s impressiveness is the sum of its impressiveness potential, seven modifiers, and at least one other factor. To see these values, hover your godly hand over the city center’s scroll for a few seconds.

how it’s calculated to improve
Impressiveness Potential

The sum of the impressiveness of all the buildings & embellishments in your city. Each structure’s impressivess is a combination of a base impressiveness and a location modifier. The base impressiveness is constant per building/embellishment type; for example, villas are 22 impressiveness, while temples are 1,300.

The location modifier roughly correlates with elevation. Lowlands incur a penalty, while high areas give a bonus as high as +200.

Build impressive buildings where the location modifier is locally greatest [1]

modifier range how it’s calculated to improve


This modifier ranges from -4,000 for pure evil to +4,000 for 100% good.

Be good



1.8 times the number of adults your city can house, rounded to the nearest integer.

Build many dwellings


If adult population exceeds adults housing capacity, the penalty is −18 × (adults in city − adult housing capacity); otherwise it’s zero.

House all of your city’s adults

Town Layout


+45 for connecting a building (but not an embellishment) to a road. This bonus can only be earned once per building, and cannot be lost.

Connect all buildings to roads



+9 for changing a building’s orientation before placing it.

Rotate blueprints before placing them


Building more than two of any building type incurs a building variety penalty, which increases per building up to a per-type cap. For example, building villas incurs an increasing penalty that reaches a maximum of −18 per villa at the eighteenth villa. For temples, the third one incurs a −390 penalty, and each beyond that incurs a −585 penalty. Generally, the more impressive the building, the greater the cap and the sooner it’s reached.

Embellishments do not affect the building variety modifier.

Build no more than two of each type of building



Build walls



Each tree planted next to a building is +20 impressiveness. A large building like a creature pen can easily fit twenty-five trees, for +500 impressiveness. A villa will fit five easily, for +100 impressiveness, though if you try hard, you can fit dozens.

Plant trees near buildings


1. The word “locally” is important. It doesn’t always make sense to build the most impressive buildings in the location with the greatest impresssiveness. One example of this occurs on the second Norse land, where there’s an area whose location bonus ranges from +175 to +200. It’s a small region which can accommodate one or two large buildings or half a dozen villas. It makes more sense to build villas, as each receives the location bonus (+1050 to +1200) versus two large buildings (+350 to +400).

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