Web Site Utilities

Over the last few years, this Web site has grown pretty big. Managing it manually isn't difficult, but is prone to error. To help alleviate this problem, I've written a few small site management utilities. You might find them useful.

The utilities are Perl scripts, so they should be portable. All except one take as input a list of files, so you can use them on either one page or an entire site. The scripts rely on several Unix command line utilities such as find, stty, and touch; I use Cygwin's DOS versions.

Most of these utilities expect a very specific page format, and rely on information stored in <META> tags or comments. All expect dates to be in ISO format: yyyy-mm-dd. (December 7, 1941 in ISO format is 1941-12-07). More documentation of formats can be found in the source code of each utility.

The "big site scrubber" is actually three Perl scripts, called from one DOS batch file.

(I know, I know: I'm slowly creating yet another HTML preprocessor.)

Other Utilities

If your browser doesn't want to download these files, you can get all of the above in a Zip file (13,031 bytes), or as text files:

They're not great code, and you'll probably have to modify them, but hey, what do you want for free?

Last updated 28 June 2003
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