Simulation Room-Basement-Avengers Mansion

At first full glance, this room is completely dull in sight, but extremely large in size giving plenty of room for flight or ground movement. There is no furniture, or anything for that matter. Only metal walls, floor, and ceiling. are scene with the occasion break in the walls and a high glass booth sitting up in the highest corner. Of course when the rooms is in use, the setting change to to holographic imagery to any scene or battle that an be thought up. As well as robots trained to attack in certain patterns and with certain weaponry depending on the difficulty set and whoever they are supposed to portray.
The large glass booth is in fact the control room for this simulation area. Here someone has audio and visual contact on whoever is participating below. In the control room, one can tape a simulation as well as change the actual setting itself to either a pre-set one or something off the top of their head. Here the difficulty, as well as holographic images can be changed with ease thanks to the controls.

(OOC Note: Please notify Rayvn or Hawkeye immediately if you run a simulation where the safety protocols are overrun.)

Captain Marvel
Obvious exits:

Each arrival to Avengers Mansion is greeted by Jarvis as they each wait in the Public Conference. Each member may or may not have met before, but each is bonded in the battle against the Infinites. Adam Warlock and Captain Marvel have gathered specific beings that at the behest of Eternity may be able to save the universe from ultimate death at the had of these unknown entities. Gathered today is only part of the group of sacrificial lambs, er I mean, champions of the universe. Helix, the Adaptable New Warrior. Quasar, The Protector of the Universe. Rogue, X-Woman Extraordinaire. And Tel'Sunn, Inhuman protector of the Royal Family. There are only few to answer the call and today they have answered Adam and Genis' call. As the last one arrives, Jarvis leads them through the mansion to the Simulation Room. As impressive as the training rooms of the X-Men and New Warriors, each hero stands. "He will be with you shortly." Jarvis offers ominously before making a quick getaway from the Simulation Room. The doors are sealed locked. And the room before them changes to that of a barren planet deep within the Negative Zone. No sky. No water. No trees. Just barren landscape. No sign of Captain Marvel. No sign of the active Avengers.

The aforementioned Adaptable New Warrior is not really comfortable with Sim worlds, having had bad experiences in one as his first real memory. But, he trusts Rick, if not necessarily Genis (nice guy but just a bit off in the head, it seems) and Rick would never set up something that would hurt him too much.
He looks at the other members of the group - Rogue, he knows her, and murmurs a "Buenos Dias" to the lovely lady. Tel'Sunn he has seen, and wondered about. Shoud he sue for theft of motif? Nah, the other brick with blue mohawk works for the Inhumans and they don't have lawyers. Genis and Adam appear to be gone, but there's that blonde guy from the Project Pegasus files. He fidgets and looks around.
"Now what?"

Being in the Avengers mansion is nothing new to Quasar. He was an Avenger for quite some time, after all. Still, it's been a while since he's been run through a simulation, his rookie days being far in the past. When he was summoned, however, having already been recruited by Adam Warlock, Quasar was fairly quick to respond. Now, standing in the barren landscape, arms crossed over his chest, the usually amiable Protector of the Universe keeps silent, his expression thoughtful and somewhat somber. This isn't a time of joy, after all.
Corvine has arrived.
It's been mere hours, less than a day, since Rogue returned from Egypt. She was more than pleased to get the call to come to the Avengers mansion and thereby have a perfectly good reason to ignore Gambit's pleas to rest. She doesn't want rest and she sure as hell doesn't want to keep having to answer if she is okay or not. How would anyone be after having your psyche squashed by Apocalypse so he could force you to attack your family and friends? The entire event is something she plans on stuffing back in the far recesses of her mind so as not to ever have to think about it again. And so when she sees Helix enter, she is happy enough for the distraction to flash him a brilliant smile. "Howdy." Her attention shifts between those in the room as she crosses her arms, "Ah dunno. Ain' like Rick not t'be the first one here, though. 'Specially if he called the meetin'."

Since his meeting on Asteroid M several days ago, Tel'Sunn has said very little. It isn't that he is worried about the upcoming battle. Nor has he given a lot of thought to the idea that he won't be coming back. What bothers him is the fact that he embarrassed himself and the Royal Family. And to make matters worse, he now must work with the very one that he feels has caused this discomfort. Now, he stands in a most unusual room. At least it was until things changed. His mood, unlike the room, still stays the same. He will work with them as promised. When this is over, he will have to find a way to handle his 'discomfort'. Until then, he stands silently and waits to see what will happen.

Ahhh yes, they are all here, and they are ready, but what exactly they are ready for, well that is something they don't even know. The man stays in hiding for now, no sense in giving himself away just yet, right? He looks at the 4 other people that he has with him though. "The time is here. Go and do what you have been created to do. Go and fight for your Master." He smiles as he says that, and he watches the heroes.

But then the poor heroes are attacked. A group of 4 beings launches out of hiding spots. The 4 beings are exact copies of the heroes though. Each one going after their own counterpart.

Helix's and Rogue's going the physical routine, with pure punches, with some decent strength behind them after all. Quasar's takes a more subtle approach, and tries to lock Q up in a bubble made of the same kind of Energy that Q uses. The duplicate of Tel'Sunn though, he hide again after he showed himself. His tactic is simple, he's borrowing it from the Avenger's own Vision. He comes out of the ground behind Tel, and attempts to stick his hand into the guy, and then modify his density some more.

Sounds of energy being rings through the empty space and suddenly the body of Rick Jones is flung through the starless night and lands with a loud crack by Helix. And speeding like a rocket the form of a blue man with blue sleeve-like cape. It would appear that even Captain Marvel, though this duplicate appears a bit different. It is Genis. Or is it? The blue skinned Kree/Eternal flies back into the shadows laughing vigorously as it hides into the darkness. Another blast of energy is fired and the body that was Rick Jones' is nothing but ash.

As soon as the attack begins, Quasar is ready. His bands glowing, he assumes a ready position and watches as duplicates of those gathered appear and assault them. And then he is suddenly caught in a bubble of energy that appears eerily familiar, his own tactic used against him. Seeing his own double, the Protector of the Universe just shakes his head. "You might be able to duplicate powers in here..." he begins calmly. "But you can't duplicate these." Raising his arms, Quasar brandishes his Quantum Bands, the cosmic artifacts glowing golden as they begin to siphon away the energy used to form the bubble around him. He then points one arm at his duplicate and shoots forth a beam of golden light to try and envelope /him/ in return in a bubble of quantum force.

An attack of pure brute force, Helix is in the moment of battle instantly, knocked from where he was standing off-guard, sliding across the ground, apparently only slightly winded by the impact of the doppelganger. In fact, he's adapting differently than usual; his normal response to strength is to match and exceed the physical power of his attacker, but this time, he's adapting speed and density - and his return blows, perhaps only slightly stronger than his normal two-ton slams, come in a series of jackhammer strikes, a dozen in a half-second, aimed to knock out his copycat foe.

At the sound of the voice, Rogue lifts her head. With furrowed brows, she searches the room for the source and immediately takes to the air once the others appear. It's fair to assume that her counter part would know her well enough to anticipate that. Blindsided by her dupe, Rogue is flown into the wall across the room, a grunt emiting from her as she slams into it. "Ugh. -Please- don' tell me," she says as she pushes herself away from the slight indentation in the wall, "that mah hair -really- looks like that."

Duplicates? Interesting. They are suppose to fight themselves. Tel'Sunn shakes his head. The first thing that must be done is to test out the duplicates and see if they know how to use their abilities as well as the originals. If so, the proper tactic would be to switch foes. A wicked smile crosses his face when he first sees his own copy. Unlike the other clones, his seems to want to play hide-n-seek. Fine. As the clone comes up from behind, Tel'Sunn lets him approach. When he thrusts his fist towards the man's body, the guardsman shifts to his ghost form and attempts to backkick his dupe while they are currently matching densities.

Quasar's duplicate was expecting that, true he can't fully duplicate the Quantum bands, but he can duplicate the energy used, and the effects of it in this room. But since his energy is still intact, except for the bubble that is. So the Q duplicate changes his tactic. He forms a giant axe of the energy, and begins to hack away the bubble that is incasing him, trying to break his way free.

Helix's duplcate that is another story entirely his body shifts into a form that is able to withstand the rapid punches that Helix is giving him, making him a lot more durable. But there is something else, his body shifts his hands into a form that is better suited for attack as well. One that has a few tendrills that snake out, and try to ensnare the fast adaptiod.

Rogue's duplicate presses it's attack on the female. He flies over to where she was impeded, and tries to fly at her, and goes in for another punch. The duplicate doesn't answer Rogue's comment as she presses on the attack trying to take out her own duplicate.

As for the one attacking Tel'Sunn, he moves his hand away and shifts into his normal density form so that the attack does nothing against him. Though after the one attack, the duplicate reshifts into low density, and aims a punch, right at Tel's throat.

As the for the man in the shadow's. Well he stays there and is laughing and smiling at what is going on. Yes he is enjoying watching the people fight and watching the heroes struggle against their own duplicates.

Helix, thinking faster, has realize that his duplicate is not going to be easy to defeat, because it's apparently got the same powers he does. But that means it may have the same weaknesses. Helix plays a delaying game for the moment, as his body adjusts internally, creating venom ducts inside sharp, diamond-hard nails, then synthesizing the same venom that Scarlet Spider used to stop his own adaptation power and render him unconscious, back in the day. A mutation-blocking agent.
Meanwhile, as the hypodermic nails form, he dodges tendrils, wondering if this guy is really that accurate a duplicate - he, himself, Helix, cannot adapt unless threatened, but this one seems to be adapting preemptively. Well, this is still the best approach, his subconscious went with the idea the instant he formulated it, so ...
Ducking inside the fake-Helix' attack, the Real Thing slams a knife-hand blow at its gut, knowing that even if it's durable enough to withstand his blow, it's still likely to break skin and deliver the venom.

Seeing his duplicate hacking away at his bubble, Quasar once more raises his arms and points his bands at it. Timing it just right, Q releases the bubble but then immediatly shoots twin beams of golden light at the dupe, aiming to envelope both its arms in similar construct bubbles to encase the faux quantum bands. Wendell then flies forward, taking the fight to a more physical level, and forms a pair of nunchaku in his hands. With a practice spin, he swings the nunchaku hard at his duplicate's head, hoping for a quick KO to end things so he can help the others.

She knows all too well that the best approach to this situation is to switch partners and not fight against yourself. That's exactly why Rogue didn't immediately charge after her dupe. The sole purpose for her pause to banter was to get a quick survey of the situtation to try and see who is where. Knowing full well she can't stay still for long, she takes off at an incredible speed and heads straight for Helix, only giving her twin a thought should it become necessary to do something to try and out manuever her. "No snappy come-back? Man, Ah'm really disappointed in mahself." While the "evil" Helix is occupied fighting his dupe, Rogue races towards him, her arm swinging around for a fly-by punch.

The changes in density could go all night. The two are evenly matched and with the ability to change with but a thought, Tel'Sunn and his carbon copy could never actually touch. As the punch is thrown towards his throat, the Inhuman throws himself backwards. In any normal situation, his back would just slam into the ground. Instead, the guardsman seems to be absorbed as he phases pass the surface. As soon as he is covered, he starts flying and emerges several feet away and begins to assess his situation.

Well Quasar and Helix should be proud. The actually managed to take out their own duplicates. Both Duplicates are down and out, and not doing anything for the moment. However the other two are still around And they seem to be learning by watching the heroes as well. The Rogue duplicate decides to go and fight Quasar instead of her own duplicate any more. She flies towards the guy, and tries to attack with a standard punch, right towards Q's head.

As for the Duplicate of the Inhuman, well he decides to go after Rogue. He becomes Intangible, and goes into the ground. He comes up, around where Helix is and where Rogue is going to. Though he doesn't attack just yet. He looks at the two of them, as if studying them for a few minutes.

The Silent figure, he is watching this and frowning. After all he was hoping he wouldn't have to get involved into this one. But it may look like he may have to take some direct action into this plan. Though he'll see if the rest of the duplicates can handle it, though it definately doesn't look likely now does it.

It worked? uh... Of course it worked! Helix pulls his venomed claw from the fallen doppelganger and lets Rogue slam into him, if she wants to - it certainly won't get him any better. But what about the others? Still operating at almost half Quicksilver's speeds, Helix looks around again. Dark Rogue is attacking the blond guy, and the anti-Tel'Sunn is nowhere to be seen. Now THAT worries him. A quick "Behind you!" shout might save the Protector of the Universe, but he's not sure about the other guy. Where? He floats up off the chunk of rock that he was standing on, beginning to gain a sense of perception, but slowly, achingly slowly.

Spinning quickly on his heel, Quasar has just enough time to throw up a defense before the duplicate-Rogue hits him. A golden aura blinks into life around his body a millisecond before he is struck. The blow is enough to send him flying, however, and crashing into the ground, but thanks to his protective shell, he is unhurt for the moment. Quickly scrambling to his feet, he wait for the dark-Rogue to charge him again before forming a giant golden baseballl bat, about the length of a bus. Swinging it at her, he increases the bat's density the same way the Vision does with his fists, to try and slam the superdense construct into the clone-Rogue.

There. What is he waiting for? Tel'Sunn flies back towards the ground at a blinding speed soaring into the earth and emerging from behind his duplicate. Continuing his flight towards his own couterpart, he shifts to his highest density, prepared to either slam into him or to pass through, one or the other.
"There's at least one more hidin'," Rogue calls out as she bypasses Helix and his fallen dupe. That wasn't Genis' voice that announced the arrival of the dupes and well, the Kree Warrior is still missing. Circling around to get an update on the situation, she notes Tel'Sunn and Helix in positions to take care of the Inhuman duplicate and Quasar should do just fine against her own. Confident in those below, she continues on to search for other hidden foes.

Well first off, Tel'sunn's duplicate is currently in his intangible mode. So unfortunately the attack will have no effect on him. Though if others were watching him, it does indicate where he was hiding for the moment. Leaving him open for others to try their luck and attack him.

As for the Rogue dupe, she was flying once again, and gets hit with the baseball bat, and goes flying away. Let me tell ya, Mark Maquire he has nothing on Wendell Vaughn. The dupliate however doesn't get up one it lands. One more down. Only one more remains.

At least as the dupes go that is. The mastermind of the entire attack, finally decides to show himself. Out of the shadows steps a purple man with white hair, brushed back into an ugly yuppy ponytail. A few of the people may remember the man from his previos dealings with duplicates, and the attacks he made then. "Congratulations Heroes. You have succedded in fighting off most of your duplicates. However there is one more task that you have to do." With that the purple man flies towards Quasar. The Magus is wearing a certain green gem though, and he uses that as his method of attacking Quasar. The Karmic blast flies out aimed right out the Protector.

Magus? Never heard of him. Sic semper gloria mundi, talk to the big statue in the desert with the feet of clay, because as far as Helix is concerned, this man with the bad artificial suntan and the outdated ponytail is just a 'fashion don't' ... until he sees the green-tinted light from the forehead jewel. But the sense of Perception (cf the original space-opera hero Kimball Kinnison) kicks into action, and Helix is acutely aware of the location of one anti-Tel'Sunn. The threat of the phaser is so serious that he adapts to meet it, glass-looking wings erupting from his back to provide him with a means of motivation in this semi-gravity arena; his hands charge with electricity, his density increasing, the claws with their needles now gone away.

"YOU!" Quasar's eyes widen as he sees the Magus appear and then attack him. For a split second, he almost forgets that they are all really in the Avenger's simulation room. The Magus can't be real, can it? And that gem is so familiar. For the moment, Wendell doesn't have time to do more than react. He banks that the Avenger's simulater can't recreate the full force of a real Infinity Gem, so he hastily throws up a giant golden kite shield in front of himself. Perhaps he didn't reinforce it enough though, because as soon as the green blast hits the shield, it pauses for only a moment before blasting through the shield and hitting it's target, the target being Quasar. "Aaaagh!" Stiffening from the blast, Wendell crumples to the ground, though he is still conscious, if barely.

She supposes it was fortunate that she flew herself out of the battlefield for the moment, since it was then a new threat decided to show himself. The best part? He seems distracted enough that maybe he'll never see her coming. Descending very rapidly and arms outstretched, Rogue dives for the formerly superfly, afro-wearing Magus.

Passing once again, Tel'Sunn find he is more than useless so far. Arcing up up, he flips and lands with an earthshaking crack, his back facing his dupe. Unsure as to what phase he is in, he swings his right elbow straight back. In one fluid motion, his body continues to spin around, more quickly if his arm passes through the copy. If so, he shifts to intangibility and aims his left fist into its face.

Well the Tel'Sunn duplicate gets attacked by the Original. And with the two pronged assualt, it is effective enough into knocking him back and actually knocks him close enough for Helix to attack him, if he wants to. However there still is the threat of the Magus. He has taken down Quasar, hopefully taken him out of the fight as well. And poor Rogue, she doesn't know that the Magus has the soul gem. It's powers tell him of her approaching attack, and he turns to face her. Once she gets close enough, another Karmic blast errupts from the gem, aimed right at her.

Want to? Oh yeah, Helix does want to. Still speeding, he slams a fist into whatever (apparently) solid part of the duplicate can be reached, and discharges a stunning blast of elecrical force if he actually hits anything. That should, he hopes, take down the thing.
As for Magus, he's seen it zot Quasar, shattering the quantum shield like nothing - which means this is an entirely different level or kind of energy, as he's heard plenty (from the Pegasus files) about what Quasar's constructs can stop. His subconscious begins to fidget, deciding which of the two is the real menace, and tries to figure out what that green blast is all about.

Down on the ground, Quasar struggles to catch his breath and shake off the effects of the Karmic blast, which proves to be harder than it sounds. After a few seconds, he manages to heave himself to his hands and knees and try to look around and see where the Magus went to. Still, his vision is a bit blurred and his head is sore. For the moment, Quasar is out of the fight.

Maybe it was her not-often used seventh sense she stole from Ms. Marvel or simply the fact that her target turned to face her. Maybe a little of both? Regardless, it is enough warning for Rogue to abort her current action and move to plan B. The only problem is that she's coming in way too fast. Well, that and she didn't -have- a plan B. Her only way of avoiding the blast is to drop down several feet which will throw her severely off course. It's not something she can easily pull out of, either, so instead of slamming into the purple being, she slams into the ground and skids along across it.

Tel'Sunn continues his two pronged phase attack on his core opposite. Intent on taking out his dupe, he fails to notice the battle above. The karmic blast, while missing its intended target still continues on its path and strikes the guardsman, taking him out of the fight.

The Tel duplicate, well that is effectively out of the fight as well. Now it's just the Magus and the two people who can fight for the moment. Though since Rogue just crashed into the ground, she kind of makes an easy target now. He fires off another blast at her, this time it's a wide angle blast, making it tougher for it to be avoided. Once he releases that one though, he turns and faces Helix now. It'll be interesting to see how the being adapts to fight one of the more powerful forces in the universe now won't it.

Adaptation, yes. The sense of perception extends far enough to brush the edges of the wide-angle karmic blast, not to mention the one that lanced through it a moment ago as it hit Tel'Sunn. Not psi-energy, but something like, and much stronger than anything Helix has had to fight before. Maybe not as impossible as the giant space bendy-straws, but those weren't the karmic equivalent of a dozen tasers.
Something odd happens in Helix' body - his nervous system distributes, his cells changing to sustain sentience in absentia the working nerves. Something that would take a million years, perhaps. Meanwhile, though, he's moving at 2/3 of Quicksilver's top speed; perhaps this guy would be susceptible to a simple haymaker?

On his hands and knees on the ground, Quasar struggles to come to his senses. He's aware of his surroundings and what's happening, that's a start. Turning his head to find the Magus, he raises on arm, bracing himself with the other, and points it at the Magus. With all the willpower he can muster, Quasar fires off a beam of golden light straight at the back of the Magus' head, the light forming into the shape of a boxing glove in mid flight. It's not near as strong as it could be if he was fully coherant, but it'll still pack a decent wallop. And it's the best he can do for now.

There's nothing she can do but soak up the blast as she skids to a halt, the pain that encompasses her causing her to cry out. You know, sacrificing herself to save the planet is looking more and more appealing these days. At least that way, this X-Man won't have to deal with a Pocky ghost in her head and her soul's essance being drained. Suddenly, Selene's vampiric touch didn't feel so bad. Hell, Rogue's own touch probably feels like little prickles compared to this.

The Magus takes both attacks that are aimed at him. However the being was designed to take a lot of punishment. Enough to survive high levels of attacks, and take them without a scratch. He gets knocked down, but he gets back up again after a little bit. He stands there, his gem still glowing. Then two more blasts errupt from it, one aimed at Helix, the other aimed at Quasar, to make sure he stays out of the fight.

Not enough? Well, hit him again! Yeah, the brute-force adaptation works this time. Helix doubles in size, beginning to approach the Hulk in terms of raw punching power (and that's exactly how he fought the Hulk not that long ago, in a city hollowed out of the rock crust of Mars). The swipe he aims at Magus could be devastating, if it hits - but it'll be pure inertia behind the blow, because the second Magus' karma-blast hits him, and he's too close to miss - that greatly enhanced, magnified, distributed consciousness throughout every cell of his body means he feels the blast with every cell of his being. Out, like a light.

Still on his hands and knees, Quasar's eyes widen again as another blast comes his way. This time, instead of trying to block it, he propels himself to the side, giving himself a boost with his Quantum Bands, and manages to avoid the green blast. Tumbling to the ground a dozen feet away, Wendell once more struggles to get up. The effects of the blast are fading though, and he does manage to get to his feet.

Rogue down for the count. Curled up in a little dusty ball, she'll probably be even less effective in the rest of this fight as her unconscious doppelganger.

Well most people are out of the fight, and one it appears doesn't have enough strength in order to fight that much longer. Preprogramed into the Simulation when it got to this point, the scene starts to end. The way the world looks just goes back to a basic room, without a lot of stuff in it. The Dopplegangers are all gone as well. However the Magus disapperance is different then the rest. Instead of just going away, he shifts forms. His body becomes that of a certain Golden Skinned person. He almost looks sad at the people that are in the room. Then he says 3 simple words, "You have failed."

Helix is unconscious, fortunately, or he'd be swinging again. Meanwhile, though, his body shrinks down to its normal ungainly heft.

Quasar points at Adam, his bands still glowing. "I thought as much." His eyes narrow a bit. "I don't know what you think is failing, but as long as I'm still conscious, as long as I'm alive, I'll keep fighting, Warlock."

She stirs, her body rocking slightly on its side before she rolls over onto the front of her body. Just get up, Rogue. Just do it. It's a chore-- stretching her body out of the curled position, but she manages. Pushing herself up from all fours onto her own two feet, she takes in a deep a breath and turns, heading towards Helix to help him up and get him to a more comfortable place to rest. He's right. They failed. She has nothing to add or dispute.

The Golden skinned ma stares at Quasar, "And if were not holding back the full scope of abilities that I have, you would have been defeated ages ago. However you need to keep this in mind. Think of the attacks by the Servitor's, and think of the attacks by the duplicates. The seek to confuse you, to make to focus on the smaller problem, not the biggest one. When we go and fight the Infinites one on one, I feel they may try the same trick. I was only used to test you this time. You need to keep that in mind for future training." He walks over towards Helix, and nudges the man's soul, undoing a little of the damage that he did to him, atleast to let the guy awaken. "Though I am sorry I had to do it this way. But there was no other option."

Helix wakes, frowning. His senses swim, collating the information gathered by the few bits of him that didn't succumb.
"I thought this was a test, but if you wanted us to have some chance, why didn't you let us know what we were going to be facing? You know more about what's on the other side of those tubes than what we knew going into this."
Ow. Headache all over his body.

"Tricks, Adam. You and your tricks. Always with the tricks." Quasar shakes his head, but he lowers his bands. "I was prepared to fight simulations, it would have been different had I known it was a /real/ gem shooting at me. I garantee you that." How does he know? Because he's played out the theoretical battle between himself and Warlock many times in his mind, that's why.

"There ain't no need t'apologize." Maybe Quasar as a beef with Adam. Maybe Rogue should, but she doesn't. "For somethin' as important as what we're gonna be up against, we -needed- this." She pauses near Helix, not needing to help him after all. "Guy, seriously. Cut it out. No sense in takin' out bein' pissed off at doin' a crappy job on him." Arms cross as she looks to each person. "We should nevah assume stuff like 'it's only a sim, it don't really mattah'. That's what got us in trouble. It's gotta always be treated like the real thang. NO one's gonna do you a favour in battle. You expect in practice an' you'll get lazy."

Adam looks between Helix and Quasar for a moment, "We don't know a lot about what we will be facing when we go up against the Infinites. We need to be prepared for everything." Then he looks at Rogue, and smiles a little, there is someone on his side in all of this. Then he looks at Quasar for a moment, "And you never expected to face an Infinity gem in this simulation. That is what it was about, going up against the unexpected. And somehow fighting it off. Which is why I choose to fight as the Magus in this one, not as myself. Since after all, 2 of you were around when the Magus was defeated."

Helix shakes his head, which doesn't make it hurt any more. Adapt, damnit, let's get those endorphins going.
"No estoy enojado. I just think it would have been a better test. I knew we would lose when Rick Jones went 'foosh'. I just didn't know enough, and I fought the purple man foolishly. It wouldn't happen again, but we don't get two chances with the giant head."
Ahh, pain going away. Thank you, power, for healing fast.

Quasar crosses his arms over his chest and sighs. "Fine, Warlock. You've made your point." He gestures around. "I'd like to point out, though, that some of us were still conscious and able to fight." Making a comeback in the end is nothing new to many of them, certainly not to Quasar.

"Learnin' from our mistakes is much more effective than beatin' ourselves up about 'em," she says to Helix, offering a small smile. Rogue should know; she's a pro at that. There's more she could say, especially about having a doomed attitude but she keeps it to herself for now. Enough has been said and since it seems to be ending on a good note, she turns for the door.

Adam stays silent for now. He doesn't have anything else that he can say. As mentioned he made his point. They have much to be ready for. And they all know what is at stake, and he doesn't need to put any more pressure on them. Though he goes back to thinking that there has to be a way to give them an edge in the fight.