Ideal Companion

As I said before, I'm single, but do not want to stay that way forever. I think part of finding a companion is having an idea of what you want, but being able to find happiness with someone who is not the embodiment of perfection. What do I think my companion I'd want to take home to Mommy might be like? He would be someone whom I find attractive, enjoy being with, can fall in love with, and feel like I'm a better person by being with him, which includes being able to enhance his life as well.

I can think of several important categories of compatibility to consider.


Someone I get along with and have fun with and laugh with and can talk to on a meaningful as well as superficial level (noone wants to be serious all the time). Someone who enjoys my company as well. He should be patient, caring, and considerate, and being with him I'd find myself being more patient, caring, and considerate.


Someone who has flaws, but is challenged to improve himself. Sees people more valuable than things. Treats people with respect and dignity. Sees being honest as very important, but being caring not to hurt people by being too brutally honest. Sees our relationship as extreamly important, and does not take it for granted. Cares about investing himself into the relationship and allows and enables me to do the same.


Someone who is in good physical shape who I can find attractive. This does not mean he is necessarily an Undergear(TM) model, but someone whom I find attractive and am excited to be with. This most likely means he cares about the way he looks and does a pretty good job of taking care of himself, does not smoke, enjoys being physically fit and active, is around my age, and is reasonably well endowed. On the one hand the motion of the ocean is more important than the size of the ship, but on the other hand it is hard to make big waves with a little boat.


Someone who loves to have sex and cannot get enough, loves to try new things and knows how to be creative. Primariliy a pitcher, but also enjoys catching occasionally when I feel like hopping onto the mound (if that makes you think about baseball, you are probably not Mr. Right). Someone who knows how to be agressive and dominant but also knows how to be passionate and loving, perhaps all at the same time. Is not turned off by a little pain, or by dispensing a little.


Someone who loves to try new things in bed and out, including traveling to new places, trying new foods. Does not think it is a waste if he tries something new and does not like it. But can learn to like some new things to increase our compatibility. That does not mean change who he is, only that he feels good about expanding his interestes to accomodate mine. I enjoy expanding my interests and limits as well for someone I care about.

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