Education and Employment

For greater detail you may look at my resume.

I have a Master of Arts degree in Mathematics from Mississippi State University, which I received in 1992, and a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering also from Mississippi State University in 1988.

Since October 1996, I've been working for the German branch of C_a_d_e_n_c_e Design Systems, Inc in Munich . Living in Munich is both frustrating at times and really engoyable at times. I've written a little about that under another link. But working at C_a_d_e_n_c_e has been instrumental in making the experience one I would not trade.

From November 1992 until October 1996, I worked for a microprocessor division of Intel Corporation in Hillsboro, Oregon. Prior to that I worked for Cypress Semiconductor for three and a half years at Cypress Southeast Design Center in Starkville, Mississippi.

Prior to that I was a graduate research assistant for the Electrical Engineering department of Mississippi State University.

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