In my spare time I enjoy working out at (weight lifting and cardio) at Fit Plus Leopold Park in Munich. This gym is quite good, and I'd easily recommend it for somone looking for an American style gym in Munich.

I enjoy playing bridge and chess and sometimes canasta. I'm just a beginner at chess and have been for about 25 years I suppose. Although of late I've done quite a bit of playing an reading on the subject. Mostly i play on Yahoo games with other players from around the world.

I used to enjoy drinking coffee at several of the plethora of fine coffee shops in Portland, dancing at the Brig, or sitting at the bar at Boxxes, watching the boys. But since Munich does not know much about the social atomosphere of the Pacific Northwest coffee shop. There is a relatively new American Style coffe shop called "New World Coffee and Bagels" near Munchner Freiheit in Munich. It is actually pretty good except for all the smoke. Prior to its existance, I had to be content sitting at the Cafe Villanis and drinking what Germans call coffee but is actually just wet coffee grinds. But when you water it down with enough milk and sugar it is called a milchkaffee and is not too bad and differes from a cappiccino only in that a cappiccino has 10 milligrams of chocolate sprinked on top. Cafe Villanis is a primarily gay cafe (or at least seems to me to be). Another restaraunt that i like is Cafe Iwan. A friend of mine says "Cafe Iwan is not gay, it is mixed. This means there are gays and lesbians". Ha Ha Ha Ha.. But Cafe Iwan does have relatively quick service, great food (including great Thai food), entertaining friendly and sometimes attractive waiters, and a pretty crowd of customers.

I've decided I hate to dance. But it is obligitory that the gay man occasionly do so. When I want to go dancing in Munich, I have to wait until at least 12:30am. If you go to a gay dance club at midnight in this city, there will be five people there. The New York and the Soul City are the two I've found. My preference of the two would be New York, because Soul City (sometimes refered to as So Shitty) primarily consists of unattractive 18 year olds who are convinced eye makeup enhances their appearance. On the other hand, Stud also has a dance floor, but it is only busy on Saturday. You have to pay DM10 entrance fee, but you get DM8 marks of drink coupons. They even charge the DM10 on Fridays and Thursdays when there are 10% of the people there that are there on Saturday. I do not understand why they charge a cover on the less pobular nights, but then again I do not understand the entire german business mentality. You might think that on the less popular nights they'd do something to try to get the people in rather than to keep them away.

I have no idea if the hetero dance clubs are the same way. But when I do go out I usually just stand around because Germans won't talk to you. At least they will not initiate a conversation, unless they know you and they sure as hell will not vollunteer to introduce their friends to you if they do know you. I've lived in munich 3.5 years now and I believe about 5 Germans have initiated a conversation with me, tourists notwithstanding.

I also enjoy reading but not very much fiction. Mostly political, or technical, or humor. I have a book collection, but the list is of course very out of date. Living in germany I do have time to read. Many mornings and evening sitting on the S-bahn to and from work, I can sit and read.

Some other of my interests include languages (English, Russian, German, Italian), Christian theology, cycling, bridge, travel, and web surfing. I've also been collecting comic books for several years and have a fairly nice collection.

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15 August 2000