4 Wheels to Survival

GPO O-362833, 1955

Your Car and Civil Defense

You car can be "four wheels to survival" for you and you family. in a civil defense emergency. How well you car serves this purpose depends on a few commonsense advance preparations - things which may spell the difference between life and death for you and your family.

Your Car Helps You Move Away From Danger

Many Civil Defense actions, expecially pre-attack evacuation, depend on you ability to move away from a probable area of danger. Properly used, you car can move you and as many others as can be comfortably seated many times as far as the strongest of you could go on foot. To do this:

In an emergency you may not be able to buy food for several days. Have adequate supply on hand to make your family self-sufficient. The food you'll need can be based on the 7-day supply suggested by the Federal Civil Defense Administration in its "Grandma's Pantry" program. Keep these emergency rations in a carton, ready to be put into the car truck.

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