Grandma's Pantry Goes on Wheels

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GPO 389288, 1956

Is your "Pantry" ready in event of an Emergency?

Grandma's Pantry, its shelves loaded with canned goods and staples, was ready for any emergency.

And when Grandpa annouced, "Pack up. We're moving west," Grandma put a portion of her pantry on the wagon, and was ready.

Civil Defense figures Granda had the right idea at home and on the westward trail.

That's why Grandma's Pantry, already adopted as a must in home defense preparations, is going on wheel's.

Twentieth century "Grandmas" may be moving and moving fast - evacuating their homes - in a civil defense emergency.

Many of them will be traveling in the family car, and they should have the car - their home on wheels - ready for any emergency.

FDCA suggests that everyone keep a three-day supply of food and water in their home at all times.
That's Grandma's Pantry

FDCA also suggests that everyone keep a three-day EVACUATION SURVIVAL KIT in the trunk ot the family car.
That's Grandma's Pantry on Wheels

The suggested items for the car trunk kit are a three-day supply of food and water, first-aid items, flashlight, blankets, and a portable battery radio if there is no car radio.

In the first days of a civil emergency, such as a preattack evacuation, flood, or tornado, everyone will have to be as self-sufficient as possible. The corner grocery store, the modern kitchen with its tap water, the light and power that come with a flip of a switch - these and many other taken-for-granted services won't be there.

It Pays to Get Ready While Your Thinking Steady

Suggested Foods

  • Fruit and other juices.
  • Milk and milk powder.
  • Vegetables.
  • Soups, liquid and dehydrated.
  • Stews, meat, fish, cheese.
  • Bread (canned date, nut, or brown)
  • Beverages (tea, coffee, cocoa, soft drinks).
  • Infant food.
  • Sugar, salt, seasonings.
  • Hard candy, gum.
  • Cigarettes, tobacco.
  • Water.

Replace the Water and Perishable Supplies Periodically with Fresh Supplies

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