How To Build A "Family Foxhole"

Popular Science Magazine

March, 1951

  • Shaw Tries Out the New Buick
  • How Good Are Russian Guns?
  • How to Build a Family Foxhole

    You cannot escape an atomic bomb, but there is something practical and patriotic you can do to prepare for atomic attack. A millionaire could not construct a completely A-bomb-proof shelter, but the average householder can make a worthwhile refuge room in the average basement.

    PS Handbook for Survival

  • Skiing Fans Get Manmade Snow
  • Chrysler Unveils New V-8
  • TV Takes Over Test-Pilot Job
  • New Paints for the Handy Man
  • Popular Up-and-Down Theater
  • Turning Space into Rooms
  • Paint Grains Metal Surfaces
  • Termites Can Be Defeated
  • Tiny Tuner Is Bedside Radio

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