Selected Digital Media News

* The Internet Debacle - An Alternative View
May 2002
* The Music Piracy Myth
Apr 13 2003
* Copyright Conumdrum
Jun 2003
* the problem with music
* Mexico's music business meltdown
Jun 9 2003
* RIAA Plans Lawsuits Against File Traders
Jun 25 2003
* Webcasters threaten to sue RIAA
July 9 2003
* Saving the Net
July 22 2003
* Blame Canada
Aug 18 2003
* Nielsen Rating System points to possible deceit in RIAA sales figures
May 13 2004
* Will Digital Radio Be Napsterized?
May 24 2004
* 'Music Is Not a Loaf of Bread' - giving away an album online isn't the way most artists end up with gold records. But it worked out that way for Wilco.
November 15 2004
* Unplayable CDs from EMI and Others - "Copy Control CDs won't play in all players, and are therefore of less value than normal CDs. In a competitive environment, prices would adjust to take account of this, but by keeping customers in the dark, the record companies hope to keep selling inferior merchandise at a higher price."
* Online CD Retailer Policies - Track the policies of online CD retailers on corrupt audio discs. Provided by The Campaign for Digital Rights
* File-Sharing Case Worries Indie Artists
March 25 2005
* Intel to cut Linux out of the content market - "Any DRM on a machine is simply a sign of failure. It signifies that the providers cannot, or will not provide you with a good product at a fair price."
July 15 2005
* Downloading 'myths' challenged - "People who illegally share music files online are also big spenders on legal music downloads..." File under "Duh".
July 27 2005
* Why DRM won't ever work - Trying to make Digital Rights Management (DRM) work in the real world is like asking engineers to do "Star Trek" style magic, rather than real engineering. DRM simply cannot work.
June 6 2007

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