The Elgin Grade 760, 761 Service Bulletin


This information is from an Elgin service bulletin mailed out to watchmakers in 1960 as an update for their Elgin manuals. It covers the new 760 and 761 grade automatic wristwatch products.
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Dear Mr. Watchmaker:

Enclosed are the latest pages for your Elgin Service Manual.

They will bring your Manual completely up to date with the latest improvements and technical innovations in Elgin watches.

In general, the pages cover Elgin's new thin-thin American made self-winding watch, grades 760 and 761.

Elgin grade 760 is a 30-jewel, self-winding, sweep second, DuraBalance movement. Elgin grade 161 is a 27 -jewel, sweep second, DuraBalance movement.

Both grades are similar. Grade 760 is the basic grade, and in the main, parts for 761 are interchangeable with 760.

A major innovation in grade 760 is a beat adjusting device. This is not a regulator. It is designed to help watchmakers put the movement in beat easily and quickly.

If you are unfamiliar ~ith this type of device, we suggest you read the Service Manual page on it over carefully.

To prevent any loss, as soon as you receive these new pages, put them in your book immediately.

The pages covering servicing instructions should be placed in the book after the correct primary number, found in the upper left hand corner of each page, and also in the lower right hand corner.

The pages on parts interchangeability should be placed at the back of Section II, headed, Interchangeable Parts Listing Of Domestic Grades.

It is hoped these new pages will help you in your work, and make your task easier. The pages themselves, and the Manual, are a solid indication of the importance Elgin places on the trade watchmaker.

If you have any questions, or there is anything else we can do for you here at Elgin, please let us know.

Cordially, Wm. F. Schefelbein
Manager, Trade Material Sales

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