The Elgin Almanac

The following is an Elgin ad from the back page of "The Elgin Almanac" published in 1873. It describes the Elgin pocketwatch movements available at that time.

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Cuts of Elgin Movements

How to Buy An Elgin Watch

For the purpose of guarding the public against the worthless imitation of our goods that are sometimes sold, we herewith present fac simile representations of the upper plates of various grades of Elgin Watches manufactured by the National Watch Company now in market. Purchasers will please note that no movement purporting to be of Elgin manufacture is genuine unless the trade mark upon it corresponds with some one of the cuts shown upon these pages.

Each trade mark represents a distinct grade and quality of watch, and all the watches of the same trade mark are of the same general quality and of the same price, with the exception of movements marked "Adjusted." These constitute a distinct grade, and are of higher price than the unadjusted movements. The prices of the various movements in cases the Company cannot furnish, as the prices vary with the weight and style of the case selected, and the Company do not engage in the manufacture or supplying of cases, but movements simply, sold only to Dealers, who care, regulate and otherwise prepare them for their customers. Purchasers are advised to call upon the dealer known or recommended to them nearest their place of residence. Deception will be less likely to be practiced in style of movement and quality of case, and greater interest will be taken in putting the watch in good condition before purchase, and in keeping it in good condition after purchase, than would be done by a dealer living at a distance, who cannot be held personally accountable for his sales. Watch buyers, as a rule, should avoid unknown dealers, traders and C.O.D. advertisers. The lower their prices, and the more plausible their advertisements, the greater the risk of the purchaser. Brass Watches called Oroide, Swiss imitation of American Watches, worthless as timepieces, or in some instances, genuine American Watches in plated or pewter cases are sold by the hundreds to people in all parts of the country, who are being duped by unscrupulous advertisers, and led by them to purchase by the offer of low prices; a sorry comfort for the possession of a worthless article. Parties who buy Watches of known trade marks and established reputation upon the recommendation of dealers who have a character to sustain, are saved from swindles of the nature referred to, and, as a rule, will be satisfied with their purchase.

Dealers throughout the country are now supplied with the Elgin Watches, and are offering them to the public in genuine Gold and Silver Cases at very low prices.

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Of the movements represented above we desire to call especial attention to the grades of the "B. W. Raymond" movement, also to the "H. Z. Culver" and "H. H. Taylor" adjusted. Particular attention is given in the manufacture of these movements to their adjustment and regulation, and it is believed that they are, without exception, the best full plate watches made in this country. They have been subjected to every known test in their use upon land and water, upon the rail and in shops, and as a result, they rank to-day, with the dealers who have sold them, and the purchasers who are wearing them, as among the finest time keepers in the market. testimonials could be printed from hundreds of disinterested dealers, and from thousands of leading citizens, as to the truth of the above, if considered necessary. To railroad men, who may be considering as to the watch most reliable for their use, we would say that the Elgin Watches are purchased by the Pennsylvania Railroad Co., and placed in the hands of their Engineers as a part of their engine equipment. Nearly one hundred Raymond movements have been furnished them during the present year for this purpose. Also, that over twenty of the leading Superintendents of the largest Railroad Companies in the United States have given written testimonials that they consider the Elgin Watch the best Railroad timekeeper in use. So far as anything short of actual personal testing of the watch can be satisfactory, these facts should be so. Please note the word adjusted engraved upon the plates of all adjusted movements.


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