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What Day Am I?

Recorded 1988 All Rights Reserved 1988, Maurice & The Chevaliers Girard Girard, you failed as a rich man's son You made a fool of everyone My god, what have you done? Girard, you've got no respect No reputation to protect You're just like all the rest. Leave my personal life out of this YOU SAY Please yourself with someone else OK? Got to be some way I can make you PAY Girard, never listens to what I say You act foolish just the same Why can't you play my game? Girard, why can't you be one of us Instead of making all this fuss? Do something wise while you must Girard, why don't you fit into the mold? Never doing what you're told You're making me grow old Girard, you never come in first You'll be damned and I'll be cursed In your own way you are the worst.
Andy Warhol('s Dead) It's been 15 minutes and he's still famous We all like his art and no one can blame us He's really good friends with Ric Ocasek of the Cars He made Edie and Viva into POP Tarts Andy Warhol's Dead Andy Warhol's Dead He makes his own films, posters, and even a magazine He's really popular especially with the teens The king of POP, queen of the arts Had a lot of fun playing with our heads Andy Warhol's Dead Andy Warhol's Dead Oh Andy.
I Don't Wanna Dance My girl, she say she gonna hop Is she serious? Oh it's too late to stop She say we dance until the end of July All I do is pull my hair and say "Why?" She's OK, maybe she'll be nice But I don't wanna dance all night This is crazy, should I take a chance? When I don't wanna dance When I don't wanna dance Seems to me, someone's always said, Talking in my sleep, voices in my head: "There's a better way, somebody go to know." Seem like this has happened a thousand times before. She's OK, Maybe shell be nice But I can't see me dancing all the night This is crazy, should I stay around? With everybody dancing and getting down... Oh, I don't wanna dance No, I don't wanna dance
Looking For a House I'm looking for a house It's gotta have a basement I think it's a blue house I don't know why I'm looking for a house It's gotta have stairs Oh, everyone stares I don't know why It's got: Locks Doors Heat Warm It's a: Room Place Way But it doesn't have YOU I'm Looking for a house It's gotta have a name They're all so bad Cause they all look the same I'm looking for a house I'm walkin on a crosswalk Following the sidewalk Listening to BIG talk Thought I saw Lucille Ball Thought I saw you steal a ball Thought I saw Lucille Ball Thought I saw you steal a ball I'm looking for a house But it doesn't have
In My Volkswagen Hitler started World War II To take over the world or kill the Jews? But I think the real reason it began Was his obsessive fascination...with the Volkswagen All the cool hippies went to Woodstock To drop some acid and groove to the rock But getting there was half the fun Driving to New a Volkswagen Give me Type I, Beetle, Karmann Ghia, Funky Bus Squareback, Fastback, Scirocco or Thing The new ones aren't as cool, but give any to me As long as they're made in West Germany! The defroster goes out, and what do you do? Use a vacuum tube and a little glue Drop the engine, patch the rust in the pan Simplicity a Volkswagen I have a girl, she drive a big Cadillac When I see her we jump in the back She loves the feeling that I give her, But to really get off...she drives my Volkswagen Got to end it all, got to take my life Gonna take some pills or slit my wrists with a knife I'll blow my brains out with a gun But WAIT!!!...Then I can't drive my Volkswagen Now when I die, what could be worse Than being transported by a hearse? When my breath stops and my life is done Drive me to a a Volkswagen Listen to what I'm saying in this song You can get high with a beer or a bong But to really love your life and to fill it with fun You got to get yourself...In a Volkswagen
I Don't Wanna Be Stupid I was out walking and I noticed A friend of mine who could swallow goldfish I don't wanna be stupid Not like this guy I don't wanna be stupid Ignore party cries I saw the president on the TV show He said a whole buncha shit, who is he kidding I don't wanna be stupid Not like this guy I don't wanna be stupid Ignore campaign lies I saw a big name fish in a movie house It had cars and tits but they forgot the plot I don't wanna be stupid Not like these guys I don't wanna be stupid Ignore ad-man lies
Walkie-Talkie She's not my girlfriend, she's acting like a leech I don't know what happened, we were walking on the beach Now I can't get rid of her, she thinks she's with me She never listens, when I say she has to leave She's Just walking, Walking all over me She's just talking, talking all over me She just talks and talks and talks She's always spitting at me She just walks and walks She won't GET OFF MY BACK! She's just squawking She's a Walkie-Talkie She's a talking Walkman She's always spurting verbs, she never lets me say a word She conjugates with herself, so I am never heard This is madness, why doesn't she get away from me I'm so tired of this, somebody set me free Now she is shouting, I say she has to go And I scream at her: "Hey, leave me alone!" But she doesn't hear me, she keeps talking on and on And I am thinking to myself: "This has gone on too long!" Now she is screaming, "That's it!" She has to go I know I'll feel better when she hits the road How did I meet her? She was just confusing me When she walked up to me--and started to move her teeth.
Protrusions If you got one, stick it out Let's see how you move Everybody love a protrusion So clap your hands and shout! Everbody's got one (I've got one too!) You got one too (A protrusion) Ain't no big discovery It won't be on the 5 O'clock news Wiggle it and shake 'em round Let's see what you move Wobble it and show 'em off Go forward and spin around Move 'em out, go side to side Let's see how you look Shake 'em up and twist 'em out Jump high, up and down Twist and shake, do what you do Let's see how you shimmy Everbody love a protrusion So clap your hands and shout
Campus Security Campus Security -- What will they do to me? Who can these blasters be? of all student humanity? Traffic control -- find yourself in the hole Try to break away but they'll make you pay Campus Security Running after me What will they do to me? Campus Security Those egomaniacs can never see the facts Who can these busters be? of people like you and me? They think that they're the best They want some bullet-proof vests The¨á jus˘á creatňá thei˛ owţ problemˇ Insidň thei˛ tin¨ littlň heads Hey! Look! I won't attack So get 'em off my back Hey I don't need them -- So keep 'em far away Why don't you cut their funds And put them to rest Take away their guns so you don't wind up DEAD! Hey, You! Superbiker! You big fat back-knifer We'll have to take you bike away So you can hitch-hike instead! I'm just so damn sick of all you silly rules Get 'em off the campus so we don't all end up IN A POOL OF BLOOD!
What Day Am I? Crowded on a glassy sphere The swimming-pool birds are humming Life is nice and the flavour is just right But the key in the lock isn't turning What a lot of hit-men Take another vivarin Ask yourself again "What day am I?" Elevator men bring me down Green plaid pants and the white shoes to match Ticking timebombs under every calendar page And the watchmen they keep watching The tide has gone and left me dry The sands of time are falling Despite the taxis that pass me by I've found something.
Recorded 1988 All Rights Reserved 1988, Maurice & The Chevaliers