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All TV, all the time

Here are some show ideas my friends and I thought up Generate your own show ideas
From!timc Wed Oct 13 08:42:02 1993

The trials and tribulations of Scraps from her perspective, You have romance (we have proof) tragety (the death of some of her kittens a la something PKDick would be proud of) And her continued struggle to 'make it' in a college town. You could do voice over's in Greg's falsetto voice

You could do Hog city tales. Before we all forget.

I'd like to hear the most stupid inane thing Greg can think of for a TV show. From what I remember the last time he tried to do this, there was actually a semi-popular tv show with the same theme "Get a life?" "It's a living?"

You could do an Opera based loosely on the life of Greg, work in the bloody nose thing, and the picky eating stretch it to the extreme. You could also have someone (who shall remain nameless) who is at the opposite extreme i.e. would eat uncooked spaghetti, uncooked rice, who doesn't notice when his cereal is replaced with sawdust. It would be GLORIOUS!

From!gregb Wed Oct 13 20:29:12 1993

"Sponge Collectors" : Nature show where the co-hosts (attractive man and woman) travel around the world collecting all sorts of sponges.

"The Pin Setters" : A detective show featuring 4 young high-school kids that solve mysteries in between working as pin setters at the local bowling alley. The chief antagonist to the kids is a fat league bowler who is also a mastermind criminal genius.

From mikeb Thu Oct 14 06:53:45 1993 "Livin with MOMA" Large black woman (Whats nell carter up to?) Trying to make ends meet with two even fatter white kids. Lots of big butt gags, and stinking up the bathroom jokes. Willford Brimley plays the cranky next door neibor with a heart of gold.

From moss Thu Oct 14 08:19:57 1993

Ok, we've got SOME TV shows, but not enough. You guys have been watching tv all your life. You must know what's not been done. I want to be able to reel these off like eating potato chips. Some more:

Big House: Kids in prison.

Coming Atcha': Three retired vaudville comedians live together.

Emergency '93: Re-make of emergency, but women are allowed in the fire station. Plot line similar to "Silk Stockings."

Working Up: Sit-Com about one of the first women senators.

Those were the days: A documentary talking about things we don't have anymore, like the Iceman, iron-lungs, and polio.

From!gregb Thu Oct 14 09:29:52 1993

Moss, your shows are not explained very well (give more details).

I'll send you a couple of ideas a day -- you're not doing this show right away, are you?

"Harley's Projects" : A newly married couple moves next door to a retired salesman who is constantly using power-tools on his small property. Lots of noise leads to coitus interuptus and other gags about what the neighbor can do with his power tools.

"Half-Life" : A recently laid-off nuclear engineering specialist from the 'Star Wars' project struggles to make ends meet with his two precocious and environmentally sensitive kids.

"Quiet Please" : A dramatic show (a la Steven Bochco) about the fascinating world of 7 librarians in a New York library. Scenarios include infighting about promotions and assignments to research projects -- but deep down, all they really want is to be loved. The head librarian is a crusty, but benign, matronly woman (Mrs. Pinchon, from 'Lew Grant').

"It's a Living" : Two (newly established) prostitutes - one man, one woman -- decide to move in together to save money. They are 'good' protitutes (a la 'Pretty Woman') and they have a small but faithful clientele. Lots of jokes about sex should guarantee the 18-25 year old market. Some neighbors include a flamming homosexual (who's hot for the male prostitute) and a bumbling, but good hearted, minister.

From!timc Thu Oct 14 09:59:24 1993

Mr. Normal: A show about a Lesbian trapped in a man's body and the trials of keeping this from his wife. And the struggle not to show his attraction to women. (oh maybe this wouldn't work)

The yes men: A show about people who get paid to say yes, and the things they go through to warp reality to the point where they CAN say yes to the boss. You could cast a normal as the 'bad guy' always trying to bring reality into the picture.

Mechanics: 3 burly but sometimes sensitive guys and one woman fitting the blond stereotype make a living fixing cars. The set would look like Taxi, each of these people would be 'saving' for their dreams, but would never achieve them. Instead there is ALWAYS a saving reason why they can't quit their mechanics jobs, and have tearful reunions after each thwarted attempt to realize their dreams.

From mikeb Thu Oct 14 12:27:19 1993

"Rolling Fury" (After school special) teen skate punks in- vade Beverly Hills after one of their own is convicted for a crime he did not commit. Allysa "teen steam" Millano befriends the leader of the punks and persuades him to fight injustice through peacefull means. Willford Brimley plays the cranky neibor with a heart of gold.

"the two sides of Paul" A cross dressing teen detective is both captain of the football team and leader of the pep squad! He/she uses androgeny (sp?) to root out evil doers and keep his/her high school free of crime. Confusion and hillarity reign as Paul dates himself and wins king and queen of the prom. Willford Brimley plays the cranky neibor with a heart of gold. MIKE

From mikeb Thu Oct 14 17:27:43 1993

"kick em while they're down"

A rotating panel of celebrity comedians roast personalitys with failed or floundering careers. ie. Zsa zsa, Eric Estrada, Morgan Fairchild, the entire cast of different strokes. The great thing is these people have so little exposure they would kill to be on.

"Bun in the Oven"

Two lebanese brothers, one a baker, one an obstetrician set up their respective shops in a small town in Texas. Wacky accents and cultural confusion set the stage for laughs a plenty.Mayor of town "drops-in" and adds Perot style home spun wittizisms to this sit-com of americana and diverstity.

"Yah Mule!"

Burgess Merideth heads a misunderstood band of gruff but lovable eco-friendly trappers who "set things straight" with their own brand of mountain justice. Running themes would include bad trappers who drink shine and trap just for sport, and towns people who don't understand the mountain way.

Mike Baumgardner

Home Again: The drama, humor, tenderness, and touching moments of a family reunited after mom gets out of prison after 3 years. Stars: Teri Garr as the mom. Mary Tyler Moore as the grandmother, Tony Danza as the father, and the twins from Full House as the daughters she has never known.

Why not jump?: Two brothers open a bungie jump station in the middle of the California desert. They may not get many jumpers, but they get lots of laughs as foreign tourists and middle aged yuppies learn the real meaning of life from these salt of the earth types.

Dock 51: The guy who played Trapper John MD is now a fisherman. His daughter from his 2nd marriage gets sent to live with him because he's a better influence than his alky ex-wife. He lives on the boat and thinks it's too small for himself and "kid". She just wants to meet guys and go surfing. Together they find they need each other.

Dig!: Dennis Hopper stars as an archeologist in the Badlands of South Dakota. He solves geological and contemporary mysteries as he deals with the cops, landowners, native americans, and the US Gov't. With Susan Dey as his assistant.

The Big Clock

From!gregb Fri Oct 15 12:49:53 1993

"Alfred and Annie" : Spin-off of Batman. Alfred (the butler) and a young precocious highschool girl team up to solve mysteries of their own in Gotham City. Light-hearted and bouncy fun, the two manage to bumble their way through puzzle after puzzle while occasionally using Batman's equipment.

"Banjo, Anyone?" : A travelling banjo player with mysterious powers interferes with the lives of carny-people week after week. Always a drifter, he evokes sympathy by his inability to find a place where he truly fits in.

"Bookmobile: District 5" : A small group of volunteer librarians moon- light as finders of runaways in a big city metropolis. All the librarians have had trouble in the past with authority figures, yet each is supremely dedicated to finding these runaway waifs.

"Countrified" : A CEO from a large Japanese electronics firm moves to a small town in Georgia in an effort to understand the American way of thinking. Soon he is square dancing and taking hay rides with the local (large breasted) woman. Ethnic slurs and sexism create the foundation for laughs in this upbeat clash of cultures. [To be aired opposite "Bun in the Oven" on another network]

From mikeb Sun Oct 17 21:04:33 1993


A good looking shirtless hunk with mysterious past drives around belair in a beat up convertible servicing wealthy neglected house wives. A Jealous, psychotic V.P. of a failed S&L, who thinks the hunk is the cause of all his failures, hires an unscrupulous dectective to hunt him down. Flaming libidos and pricey lingerie fuel this saucy drama of form over substance, as our hunk out wits the private dick at every turn.


After his wife and child are killed in a drive by. Ismial, a hassidic diamond merchant, with distain for all things "not kosher" reevaluates his life work and teams up with an ill tempered, bacon eating, aging jock with bad knees to run a boys club in inner city Chicago. Ismial's mother makes frequent appearances to gripe and to instruct the boys on how to make a proper egg salad sandwich, in this light hearted, uplifting mixture of ethnic difference and social responsibility.(to be aired opposite "Countrified" and "Bun in the Oven" on another network.)

Theme song: Chirpy flute music like from "whos the boss"

When your wife gets shot, It'll get you hot but the world needs love, not more hate. So find some sweetness, turn the cheek Grab a spoon, and fill a plate.

chorus: Cause love thats the ticket Hates such a sticky wicket Love thats the ticket Love Love Love.

From moss Sun Oct 17 22:31:28 1993 Urine the Money Two crazy guys "deal" bodily fluids to drug users who want to sneak past tests. Kindof like a rip-off of the test diving scene in Animal House. They work in a hospital, are hippies, and get lost a lot.

Good Morning with Nancy, Nancy reagan has a talk show. Rush Limbaugh does the weather, Pat Buchanan sports, and Wm F Buckley reviews movies.

Right Hand Side! The girl from Groin Pains stars. She is going to college, but to pay her way, she works part time as a driving instructor. How to balance dating & driving while taking 25 hours (studying to be an actress!)??

Or: Right Hand Side: Two lesbians (is tv ready for this, or will it have to be two gay guys) start a driving school. Their cousin is the office manager (picture louie from Taxi) and they teach, while sexual innuendos abound.

Action Film: The Second Amendment. Bruce Willis stars as the sole inhabitant of a town who dares defy the government when they ask for all the handguns. He rallies the town into full revolt, ending with him as mayor, and shooting all the public officials.

Public Works: Two guys working for the City have wacky problems while patching sidewalks and re-stringing telephone poles. Possibilities: breaking through walls by accident, lots of almost nudity, and lots of electrocution effects. Set it in San Fran, and they end up in a chinese porcelain shop in pilot.

How does the city pay for this? How do they keep their jobs.?

The Donny Most Show: Donny Most (from happy days) is all grown up. He runs a men's group camp. Every week a new group of men come to camp with problems, and he and his helpful staff (Loni Anderson, Damon Wayans) help them get in touch with themselves.

From moss Mon Oct 18 08:04:25 1993

This is a show paraphrased from a friend of mine: Lost Bus: Aliens swoop down, grab a bus from central Chicago and take it away for a zoo exhibit on their zoo planet. Unfortunately, one of the riders' pet iguana carries a disease which infects the aliens, and they all die, leaving the bus riders to fend for themselves on the planet.

In my friends vision, they have to deal with re-creating civilization. Do they have hierarchy, or collectives? Patriarchy? Matriarchy? The bus was at rush hour, so they have a good cross section.

From!gregb Tue Oct 19 01:05:44 1993

Here are some more -- someone may have already done "Fat Farm." I can't remember!!!

"Your Book or Mine?" : An orthodox Rabbi, Pastor, Priest, Buddist Monk, and a Brahman team up to help give inner-city gang-kids a new lease on life in a big city metropolis. Theological arguments and plenty of threats of eternal damnation (of one sort or another) fill this tense 1-hour drama about helping the undeserving. "The Lock Doctors" : Four young, highly ambitious and attractive lock- smiths (2 men, 2 women - all just recently certified) open a locksmith's shop in a big city metropolis. However, every week they find themselves in the middle of a murder mystery (like Jessica, in 'Murder, She Wrote'). One of the catchy features of the show will be the MOBILE-1 locksmith- mobile that periodically gets dispatched when there's dangerous lock work to be done. "Fat Farm" : Overweight celebraties sweat off the pounds at glamorous locations around the world under the tutelage of exercise guru, Richard Simmons. Lisa ? (Blaire, from Fats of Life), just happens to be available to act as co-host. The giant Tub-O-Meter (scale) will make funny noises if the celebrity hasn't lost weight from the previous week. "Matchgame '93" : Host Gene Ravern is back with that nutty cast of regular never-have-beens, including: Charles Nelson Riley, Brett Sommers, and Richard Dawson -- and some new faces, including: Rodney Allen Rippey, Dana Plato, and William Shatner. The 'modern' version of the show and the relaxed FCC offensive language standards will allow a person to say "do the wild thing" instead of "make whoopey" to mean the sexual act.

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