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Isms EP now available on CD at : this location, along with other titles.
New digital EPs The Ugliest Duckling and "isms"!

Isms EP

The Ugliest Duckling EP

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New Album "Beneath the Surface"
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BENEATH THE SURFACE: I've been enchanted by Ed's swirling Didgeridoo compositions for some years now, ever since the original Mixposure site came up... he did a lot of collaborations, & I reviewed a lot of them (you know, just those "quick" track reviews that we all enjoyed doing on Mix back in those earlier days), as well as an INTERVIEW.  Something that's a sure testament to how much I really enjoy a musical set is if I actually purchase it (I've only bought, maybe, 5 or 6 albums in the last 20 years)... well, as soon as I heard the samples, I knew this one was well worth the paltry fee for a full-album digital download ($8, at Ed Drury Music).  An even dozen magical tracks that will stun your ears & penetrate you all the way down to your core!  Subtle, yet (somehow) heavy rhythms, along with magical sound bytes, propel the listener down the same trails that I imagine Alice travelled on her mystical treks through unreality... Ed infuses this all with beautiful and pleasing passages that reveal what the heart of a musician is really all about - if they've transcended the "normal", that is.  Counterpoint to this is that he's learned his lessons well enough to know that someone playing this spooky instrument who "leans on it too hard" will disappoint the listener... no "showy" or "braggardly" moments here... just the natural spirit of a player emerging to calm the listener to the point where their own spirit can join in the celebration.  One of the strongest experiences was "Chasing the Wind"... you'll think you're in a Native American lodge, soaring over new and adventurous mountains and valleys... but, my favorite composition was "Streetlight Desire"... just like the title, it's sultry, a bit dark, but alluring from start to finish.  The keyword for this album is "journey"... that's exactly what it feels like... an adventure-filled trek, & it gets a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED from these old ears, for listeners of all persuasions.  Review from Improvijazzation Nation.

Solipsism - No Pressure Beatport Mixmag

Electronic American Here you will find music by Ed Drury & Mental Anguish.This is our first collaboration effort.Look for more in the future. The CD is available for purchase via paypal for $ 8 in USA this includes shipping.Overseas add $ 3 for shipping via airmail.

Didgeridoo Groove Trip-out with this groove journey into the modern world of the ancient didgerioo - enhanced with drums, guitar, sax, throat singing, bass, synthesizer, sitar, native American flutes and other multicultural instruments. Features Ed Drury, Gondwana, Stephan Richter, Didjworks, Soulfood and many more.
Didjeridu Solos Vol 2 This is the second compilation of didj solo's from Ed' previous recordings, plus three from a future release. 16 solos in all. To order send email to Ed.
Feather on the Beach  a fresh collection of movie sound tracks and moving melody and songs featuring two special guest Artists.

Wetlands  17 new tracks including the number one world fusion track "Universal Dance" Just in time for 2002.

Contains the hit track, "Universal Dance, which made it to number one on the world fusion charts on mp3.com.

"This made me want to dance! Great groove held together with a constant rhythm track. Cool use of woodwinds thoughout. Another keeper from Ed! (review by Warren Throckmorton, PhD - http://www.mp3.com/throckmorton)"


InterConnected Music Media

Now in release is Didgeridoo USA, a compilation of didjeridu players from all over the US. Didgeridoo USA is a two CD set. An evaluation disk of sample tracks was sent to around 40 didjeridu players for voting and I'm proud to say that my only submission to the project had good enough voting results to make the final cut. It is called , "Yael". Making it even sweeter for me is the fact that I have played with several of the artists on the CD. Namely, Alan Shockley, Dave Crowder and Dominic Gadious. Randy Graves, whom I interviewed recently for the Didjeri News as well as Allen Smith whom I also have interviewed are amongst the people I know who are on the CD. Also, being on the same CD as Stephen Kent isn't too bad - an honor I've already had on Didjeridu Planet volume 1 along with my friend Alan Shockley.

My other didjeridu recording credits include Beginner's Heart, The Healing, Living Light and the Didjeridu sound track on an educational tape called Always Wanted T'Go To Australia narrated by Mike Kelly with songs from Leighton B. Watts. For more information on that one you should write to Michael Kelly at 1234 11th St. NW Hickory, NC 28601 or call Mike at 704 328 8419.

Click here to hear a 15 sec didj solo Ed did on Always Wanted T'Go.


Here's some of what other artists are saying about Ed Drury.

"The first time I encountered Ed Drury, I remember asking myself, "what is a Didgeridoo?" I don't believe I had ever seen the word before, but I soon discovered that I had indeed heard a Didgeridoo (sometimes spelled "didgeridu" and sometimes called a "Yidaki") many, many times. I quickly learned that this instrument has been made and played by Aboriginal people for thousands of years. It has been said of this instrument, "it is coming from the heart, it is coming from the land, it is a soul instrument, and you feel it... It is the sound of mother earth."

In Australia, certain malformed branches of eucalyptus trees (and other trees) become homes for termites, which hollow out the branches from the inside. Upon finding such a hollowed branch, an Aboriginal would chop it down, remove the bark covering, smooth the surfaces, whittle the mouth end, mold beeswax or gum around the rim and have the instrument ready for testing within a few hours. To get a sound, the player must loosely vibrate his or her lips. The didgeridoo will naturally amplify that vibration sound to create what is known as the didgeridoo drone. In addition, the player may use the vocal chords to project a vocal sound through the instrument. The sound is maintained using a technique known as "circular breathing."

Now that I've shared these fascinating facts about the native Australian instrument, you've probably already come to the conclusion that Ed Drury is a didgeridoo player. But Ed Drury is an American, and living in the Pacific Northwest. He is also a unique composer of wonderfully original music who combines guitar, flutes, didjeridoo, drums, keyboards, berimbau, shakers, and rattles in the production of songs that will captivate and mesmerize you for hours. Prepare yourself for a musical experience unlike any other, compliments of Portland, Oregon's Ed Drury.

Ed is a prolific writer, and his compositions range from simple didgeridoo solos with embedded earth sounds like kookaburras and running water, to exquisitely produced symphonic electronica pieces, to native American flute and drum songs. I have listened to every track on Ed's Mp3.com artist page several times now, and I am very impressed with the way he manipulates moods through his music. This is sonic sculpting, and the range of emotion reflected in the body of work represented here is truly amazing. No words are necessary to convey the meaning of these songs, for they are expressive enough to be understood without any words. This is the mark of a true instrumental genius - the expression of emotion that transcends language. However, Ed has written songs using his native English tongue, and his song "Cloud" is a beautiful vocal piece that conveys the uplifting message, "there is a cloud in heaven, let peace be your blanket, let love be your friend."

Over the thousands of years that the Aboriginal musicians perfected their craft, I dare to say that none of them ever dreamed how their beloved ancient instrument would one day be combined with funky world beats, electronic synth sounds, native American flutes, harmonica, saxophone, guitars, string ensembles, medicine drums, and the sounds of nature that we hear every day. Combined, they form a symphony of Earth, celebrating the diversity of life and culture on our planet, brought together in an unlikely fashion by a man whose imagination and creativity formed a vision of how this menagerie of sculpted air could be fused together into the symbiotic relationship that has become the music of Ed Drury.

As the marvels of modern communications and transportation transform our world, making it a smaller place where cultures either clash or come together in peace, the art and music we create will become more of a multi-cultural experience. Ed Drury is way ahead of the curve. Listen for yourself and you will be enriched by it!"




B.J. Collins

Founder - Seventy Times Seven

MUSIC: http://www.mp3.com/seventytimesseven


Ronnie Henry (United States) · 02-05-30 · 20:28:13 9/10 Points Reviewed Song : Trance Libra

This song is one of the most well arrranged peices I have heard so far!Right from the start of the song it gives a message through it well composed intro!From hearing Ed arrange his compositions he has been or may have been to music school in the past!A very peaceful melody written&composed and delivers to your mind just what it says it does! Ed Is A pro!This song in particular has some very Celtic Roots!But yet leans into thr trance genre!I would call this Celtic Trance! Rock on Ed May God be with you:)


"Where is She" Sweet Sadness the tears falling. The loss of someone dear to you are all conveyed to me as this melancholy piece tells its musical story. The lush strings laid over a bed of Didjeridu and haunting keyboard sounds cut through your consciousness. The memory of her still remains after years have past. A love that you should have never lost, but did and their is no way to recapture love lost. The distant and broken forlorn sound's sober tone tares at your soul explaining the loneliness deeply felt.

Musically excellently composed and recorded. The composition has one voice of despair until the very end where the music comes alive, picks up and carries on the same melody, but with the beat of life. I feel the author was saying that no matter how sad or how emotionally torn you are life goes on if you let it.

 Review by John De Boer. John De Boer's has a collection of the worlds finest Native American style love flutes. They have a wonderful woodland flute sound rarely ever heard captivating audiences with their mystical voices.


OOZ (United Kingdom) · 02-05-14 · 02:28:20 10/10 Points Reviewed Song : Passion

A superb contemplative tune with a Real Spanish taste. And with the dijeridoo accompaniment, it is makes for a wonderful relaxing track! You should listen to this song now... OOZ

Ronnie Henry (United States) · 02-05-08 · 16:18:46 9/10 Points

This Artist is simply outstanding and very talented!I suggest you listen to the songs and Buy a Cd!! Im going to be keeping my eye on this one!

Ill Material (Germany) · 02-03-03 · 01:51:10 9/10 Points

Wow, a real musical talent and a great multi-instrumentalist. I like all songs I've listened to, so far.


"Roads" - first thing that pops in my mind is a forest, like medievil times, walking with my warrior buds... birds flying in the air, snakes on the ground... clouds overhead... going around a bend, seeing a body of water and a bridge... crossing the bridge now... on the other side there is a hill and the trail leads up the hill... my warrior buds and I travel up the road, to the top... I say "shhhh"... stop... I go ahead to the top to scout it out... and below is the enemy force, camped out (at about 2:30 now in your track) ... I signal for my men to come up quietly to the top... for we are going to attack... around 3:12 we are assembling on the ridge overlooking the enemy, waiting for nightfall so we can assault them in the darkness.... at 3:44 we start our descent down the hill.. night has come, and so has the death of our foe --- okay that's how I see it... I think the volume on the mix could be a bit louder, but for a gaming track... it's good to me!



Sunrise Prayer (Lo-Fi Sample)

I have this track on CD in my car...a musical composition of effortless genius! Ed brings in some wonderful percussion, along with his fine diji mastery, driving this piece forward and upwards with a grace and style found nowhere else on MP3.com. (Reviewed by ISOL8 http://www.mp3.com/isol8 )

Another cool song from Ed. The percussive work is spellbinding. I like the subtle melody running the through the tune. I might suggest some more dynamics in the use of that melody. However, I listen to Ed's music nearly every day so this is no criticism just a reaction. (review by Warren Throckmorton, PhD - http://www.mp3.com/throckmorton)

This work is very rhythmical music. It is sounded in my mind.It is also contained element of ethnic music and a melody is comfortable. (review by Riko - http://www.mp3.com/Riko)

nice Ethno sound and good melody! (comments by DJ SI - http://www.mp3.com/dj-si)

For Free

"I can't get enough of Ed's music! This piece has a feel of the Australian outback..vast, barren, untamed, enveloping...I played though it twice to make sure I was hearing all the parts. A track that definately gets the award of "Most interesting track I've heard this year" Well done Ed! "

Wizard's Duel (LoFi Sample)

"Another great track from Ed Drury.... As a fan of the Cure, I was immediately attracted to this track. A wonderfully rich guitar, rolling percusion....Ed has a loyal fan in me! " (Reviewed by ISOL8 http://www.mp3.com/isol8 )

"I really liked the song by Ed Drury "wizard's duel" it was a cool guitar sound, real clean instrumental, it is definitely a unique sound!"

(review by Eye To Eye Productions

- http://www.mp3.com/illstreet)


Completely grounding of heaven to earth. "This guy keeps coming up with smashing music! (Please excuse my English!) Every track I hear by him is wonderful. He has a real talent for composing musically perfect songs. Keep on!",


"A beautifully pure and haunting native American flute and medicine drum duet. Should be made available at all drug stores as an anti-stress medication. Strap on the headphones and chill!" (review by Simon Read - http://www.mp3.com/SimonsDemoBand)

"Although it is a simple solo displaying the flute, this sound transports you to an atmosphere. The sound is so clear and wonderful, there is no need for anything more than minimal melody."

(review by www.mp3.com/clown4hyre)


"All of Ed's music, that I have heard, has an authentic vibe to it. It urgesme to visualize and become emotionally involved, like at a great movie. The instruments played on each song are a unique and harmonious combination. Simplicity, heart, crystal clean recordings. "

- Gary Brooker www.mp3.com/GaryBrooker

Coffee Branch

"Ed is one of those very few musicians who, like Village Elders, know how to tell a tale with true inner passion, expressing themselves so clearly that there is no doubt in the listener's mind that they have been inparted a great wealth of knowledge. I could listen to all of Ed's tracks over and over again without hearing the same thing twice. Great work!"

ISOL8 http://www.mp3.com/isol8

Passion (LoFi Sample)

"]I've played this track 3 times today (so far), each time, I hear a new layer...Ed's musical talents are shining in this piece, one of the greatest ambient works I have ever heard. This is pure emotion conveyed through music. "

(Reviewed by ISOL8 http://www.mp3.com/isol8 )

"Ed and I do some similar types of things, but I've been afraid to use a digerderoo(sp), because everyone seems to be using them. But Ed makes good use of it, and tops it off with some nice guitar licks. Another keeper!" (review by Randy Smith - http://www.mp3.com/randysmith)

"Interesting opening beat. Very nice guitar free flowing and seemingly randomly laced with single fills and harmonic sounding fx. Phase drone serves as a glue under the mysterious, haunting, passionate pulse. It keeps me in suspense as to what to expect at any moment. I must say you definitely had my attention from beginning to end. Very unsual but very interesting. I'm curious as to what your inspiration was." (review by Phil Rogers - www.mp3.com/PhilRogers)

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