The members of Jawihge have been playing together for one year. The majority of their music comes from Andrew's and Michael's long background of playing music together. To complement the natural bond of drums and the guitar; Padrice adds clarinet and coice, and well known didgeridoo player Ed Drury brings an element of mystery. Jawihge has a unique sound that defies conventional labels. The background of styles ranges from free-form jazz to trance-like grooves with tightly organized rhythm and melody. Their approach to the music is in movements rather than songs.

The instrumentation that is used in the music varies from jaw harps to berimbaus, which creates a landscape within the music. A live performance by Jawihge is characterized by the magic of the player's ability to go from one movement to the next without stopping.

Jawihge is currently working on a full length C.D. that will be finished by the beginning of summer. Jawihge can play completely acoustic shows or they can play amplified, and travels with their own sound system. Hope to see you soon ....

Please contact Michael Kennett about booking information.
Email -
(503) 261-1898

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