Articles and Newsletters

  1. Report on didjeridu harvesting in the N.T.
  2. Article on Didjeridu harvesting from "The Age"
  3. Didgeridoo & Co Magazine English version.
  4. National Geographic mention of over harvesting of didjs
  5. Randy Graves and Brandi Chase's trip to Australia
  6. Ancient Evenings
  7. Harmony Central's page on audio effects and processing.
  8. Bronze Horns interesting information on horns used by Reconciliation.
  9. Didge It Yourself - Home Page
  10. Ed Drury's reading list
  11. DidjeriNews
  12. Didgeridoo Magazine
  13. Michael Sterling Bio
  14. The Didjeridu: From Arnhem Land to the Internet University of Indiana Press - a review and order information.
  15. The Physics of the Didjeridu
  16. Primal Call Article on Rick Dusek in Las Vegas Review-Journal
  17. Barry Hall - Music Biography
  18. Yolngu Didjeridu playing style FAQ by Richard Man
  19. Western Arnhem Land playing an article by Ed Drury
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