Making your own Didjeridu
  1. My own quick and dirty beginner's pipe ideas
  2. ABS Sectional Didjeridoo
  3. - Ready-made didjeridu sold at K-Mart for 97 cents
  4. Matt Newby's guide to making your own PVC didjeridu.
  5. Building a quick and easy ABS didjeridu with Denver Greer.
  6. Making a Clay Didjeridu with Barry Hall
  7. Building a unique ABS didj with Tom Bray.
  8. El Rayo explains the fine art of wood didj making.
  9. Jesse Gay describes his method for making a wood yidaki.
  10. Chris Wilson describes making bamboo didjeridus.
  11. Ron Sill's article on making agave didjeridus.
  12. Making Slide Didjeridus
  13. Making Gourd Didjeridus By Paul Sedgwick.
  14. Making a wood mouthpiece ala John Madill
  15. Making an Epoxy Mouthpiece
  16. Making an Isolation Box for your Didge Microphones
  17. Making a Brain Massager!
  18. Lot's of pictures of didj making. Great tips here!
  19. Charles Remy Instructions on making a simple PVC didjeridu for learning.
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