Other Didjeridu URL's

  1. Idoo.info great site with a forum!
  2. Guan Lim's informative site.
  3. Dreamtime W3 Server
  4. Vern's Didgeridoo Site
  5. Forward in Outback loop libraries for didjeridu.
  6. Didgeworld Link list.
  7. The Worldwide Didgeridoo Webring
  8. The Didgeridoo Links List
  9. didjeridu.com a wonderful site with much to learn from.
  10. Black Music Page A very good site with lots of sounds, art and great articles! Check it out.
  11. Wandering Didj
  12. Didgebox
  13. Charly's Didgeridoo
  14. Web Based Chat Room Joyous Noise's chat room (click on chat).
  15. LEM*online yirdaki pages
  16. Ed Drury's sound sample page
  17. Aboriginal Healing Didjeridu
  18. Black Mujik Links Page A very good links list with reviews and banners
  19. Links to didjeridu specilists
  20. Healing Music Organization
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