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Left - These are the first eucalyptus didjs which I made from blanks. The one on the far left is a B. The second one in is a D which I donated to the Earth and Spirit Council for their annual action. The one on the far right is a C# with a massive bell. I sold that one to a friend who really fell in love with it.

Right - Working with a real instrument maker, Allan Shockley and me at the Oregon Country Fair.

In January 1999, my good friend Michael Sterling and I worked together for the first time. The result was a performance at Marylhurst University. And hopefully some recordings of the material we co-wrote for the program. Michael played tambura, didjeridu and sang. I played Jaw Harp, sang, played guitar and didjeridu. The combinations of jaw harp, voice and tambura was especially appreciated by the audience.

Recently the "Wandering Didj" came for a short stay with me here in Portland Oregon. The Wandering didj originated from the far North of Australia and was launched on a journey around the world by Guan Lim. If has traveled to Tasmania, New Foundland, Canada, Olympia Washington US, to Portland Oregon and now continues on an extended trip around the Western United States before going on to who knows were. It was an honor to have it and experience reading the journal which is accompanying it.      

I share it with my close friend Samantha (what can I say, she's a dog).


A bit of recording to send on to David Blonski for archival purposes.

My Newest Didj being played by the maker, Djalu Gurruwiwi

On stage in 1994

Teaching a workshop in Las Vegas

Playing didj mit Rainer Malinoski on a sunny afternoon in Portland.

Special guest, David Blanasi visits Portland Oregon with the White Cockatoo Performing group in 1998.

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