I have performed the didjeridu with clap sticks and singing at many local schools during their studies of Australia. I have been to schools in the Portland, Beaverton, Oregon City, Carver and Lake Oswego school districts as well as school districts in Washington.

Didjeridu -The Sound of Australia
Accomplished musician and composer Ed Drury introduces student audiences to the compelling sounds of one of the worlds oldest wind instruments, the didjeridu (called yidaki by its traditional owners, the Yolngu). Along with a demonstration of the two primary ancient forms and performances of selected original compositions written for the didjeridu, Ed blends storytelling and audience participation to encourage understanding and appreciation for the music, culture and language of the Aboriginal people who reside in remote parts of Australia.

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 Thanks to the Whitman School in SE Portland for hosting me to perform for there 2nd graders who are extremely bright and very good hosts!

 A big thank you to the students of The Christie School for being such a wonderful audience. I want to thank Heidi Scott for introducing me to the shool and allowing me to observe a rehersal for a truely wonderful vocal chorus performance.

 Thanks to the fine people at the Bethany school for again having me perform at their Australian Day on June 2nd, 2000. This was a difficult day for me this year, but my visit there was good therapy. Wonderful students, faculty and parents combined with perfect weather really lifted my spirits.

Byrom School - Tualatin Oregon
 I had a very fun time at the Byrom school in Tualatin Oregon teaching third and forth graders to play the didjeridu. Many thanks for all the gifts and letters! I treasure them all and the pictures were all wonderful. It was hard to choose only one as I would like to share them all. I read each and every letter, they made me feel just wonderful. I have a school tee shirt singed by the students, a very special didjeridu made there and an entire basket of gifts (I'm drinking the tea right now!). Thanks again parents, teachers and students. I won't any of you. (Drawing by "Christoray")

 This one, drawn by "Kelsey" is a perfect replica of the two didjeridus I'm playing. One Northeastern "Yirdaki" and one Western Arnhemland pipe smudged in red ochre. Kelsey wrote, "The part I liked best was when we learned to make the sound high and low. I also liked when you told us the story about the Dingo and the Kangaroo."

 Everyone one was  so bright, played well and asked such good questions!

Tears of Joy Theatre
I would like to thank The Tears of Joy Theatre for allowing me to perform in front of so many young people and in the company of such fine people as your director, cast and production crew. I am truely in awe of your projects, skills and spirits.  A special thanks to Amy who gave me this image,  Jody who gave me the gift of confidence and  Deardra who  gave me the best hug I've ever had in my life. 
EMS School

I would like to thank the EMS school in SE Portland for all the cards and letters they sent in response to my performance there. The image shown is one by Sara Kowalczyk who wrote, "I would like to thank you for spending time with us." To everyone at your school, Sara I must say that I have a very good feeling about the future after meeting you. I received many cards with wonderful drawings and comments. Although I would like to share each and everyone, disk space limits me from doing that. I will say that every card was wonderful and from the bottom of my heart I thank you all.

McKay Elementary School

  I'd like to thank the good people of McKay Elementary School in the Beaverton School district for a memorable two days of playing didjeridus and the wonderful gift of one of their school sweat shirts which I will proudly wear for a long time to come. You are truely enriching young lives and after visiting your school, I feel so much more confident about the future of our community.

Full Circle School

 I'd like to thank the students of the Full Circle School in Carver for sending the following drawings and notes.

Drawing on the right by "EM", Center "Barrett" and on the bottom "Mark". Also many thanks and best wishes to Katie, Cory, Jacob, John, Jerrod, Kathy, Blueray and Amy! All the best!