Sound Sample Page

Ed Drury

Check out  my recordings at and at  If your in to radio stations, try Didjeridu Radio. This is a work in process which will eventually allow you to have one click to listen to didjeridu artists all day or select from a list of tracks including yours truely.

If you dont have a Real Audio player, you can get one Here
  1. Discography - Various formats
    1. Guardian Angel - A CD for massage and meditation.
    2. Dancing Alone - Didjeridu dancing around with guitar and drum.
    3. A jam session with Richard Man using my two Djalu Es  MP3 by Richard.
    4. Passage   MP3 lofi play.
    5. Popetude an attitudinal pop'ing groove.
    6. Multiple Delays Lo Fi MP3 play - Didj played through Lexicon Delay DSP.
    7. Sine Wave - Real Audio Ed on an effected mic
    8. Galila (MP3) Lo Fi play from Didjeridu Planet 1
    9. Introduction (98k) From Learn to Play the Didjeridu - WAV
    10. Coffee Branch From Dancing Alone. Guitars and Didj in a Dead Head happy groove.
    11. First Peoples (70k) From "Always Wanted T'go There". WAV
    12. Pukuana La (64k) From Sunshine Coast.WAV
    13. Transfer (80k) From Jahidge. WAV
    14. Wandering Didj 135K Real Audio Sample of me playing the Wandering Didj
    15. MP3 file of Wandering Didj.
  2. Pitchs - 16bit Stereo WAV files. Low to high.
    G A B C C # D D # E F F # High G Slide-Didj (tm)

  3. Materials - Didjs in C made from various materials (16bit Stereo WAV)
    1. Stringy bark from Arnhem Land
    2. Bondo Didjeridu by Jim Wegner
    3. Dream Pipe Didj by Alan Shockley
    4. Ceramic Didj by Barry Hall
  4. Didjeridu with other instruments and ensembles.
    1. Didjeridu and Tuba - Ed Drury on B natural Dreampipe with Tom Lange on Concert Tuba.
    2. Didjeridu and Tabla - Ed on D Dreampipe with friend Rainer on Tabla drums.

  5. Real Audio Tutorial Samples -
    1. Intro from Learn to Play tape in Real Audio 3.0 format.
    2. Vocal practice from Learn to Play page.
    3. Vowel sounds from Learn to Play page.
    4. Dog barking from Learn to Play page.
    5. The word Didjeridu from from Learn to Play page.
  6. Tutorial - 8 bit Mono WAV files
    1. Basic Drone (94k)
    2. Bounced Breaths (73k)
    3. Cheek Squeezed Breath (56k)
    4. Overtone Note (30k)
    5. Single Tonguing "TA" (28k)
  7. Real Audio Samples of from my didj collection, This is a work in progress, please check in as I build this up. Eventually, I'll have pictures to go with these....
    1. WAL Stick by Guan This one is in au format
    2. Djalu C# purchased from Mainz
    3. F Djimugurru Munyarryun purchased from Mainz.
    4. F # Bondo didj by James Wegner
    5. B Agave by Rob Thomas purchased from Inlakesh
    6. F Dreampipe purchased from Alan Shockley
    7. G Djalu purchased from John Madill
    8. C# Jungawonga purchased from Alastair Black
    9. Eb Agave purchased from Alan Shockley
    10. C Dickie Yumas Purchased from Alastair Black.
    11. B stick by Ed Drury This is one I made from a raw blank purchase from LA Outback. I had fun making it!
    12. D Stringy by Ed Drury Another home made one, again, stick acquired from LA Outback.
    13. Didjbox (tm) practice didj by Marko Johnson.
    14. E Yirdaki MP3 file of Galene Guruwiwi didj purchased from Peter Brady.

See page for information on the projects these samples are from. All samples copyright 2001 Ed Drury.