From "World Folk" Vol 2 No. 2

Didge What?
By Rick Dusek

LAS VEGAS' first didgeridoo workshop was a huge
success! Ed Drury, one of the most renowned players
and instructors in the country, flew down from
Portland, Oregon to instruct the workshop.
Fifteen people took advantage of the opportunity to
spend a morning learning the techniques of didgeri-
doo playing. The imitation rock walls and caves of
Rocks and Ropes Climbing Gym provided an Outback
atmosphere and the space to make a didge circle
of players!
 People brought a variety of actual didgeridoos
even though each participant was provided a PVC
didgeridoo to keep. We started with the basic drone
then moved on to more advanced vocalizations and
circular breathing. Each person received personal
attention and instruction in order to meet their
own individual needs.
  Ed's demonstrations impressed everyone, giving us
incentive to practice what we had learned. His
books and recordings, available for purchase, pro-
vided us with lessons to work on in the future.
  More informal didgeridoo circles and workshops
are currently forming. Everyone who is interested in
being a part of these exciting happenings are encour-
aged to call: Rick Dusek at 565-6612.

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