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Peace and Justice Works
Fact Sheets

NEW! Fact Sheet-October 7, 2014
END THE AFGHAN WAR * Stop Bombing Iraq & Syria*:
The Invasion of Afghanistan 13 Years Later
(.pdf only)

Fact Sheet- March 19, 2014 An Occupation by Any Other Name:
Iraq 11 Years After the Invasion (.pdf or html )

Fact Sheet- January 10, 2014 Close Guantanamo!
12 Years of Imprisonment without End!! (.pdf only )

Fact Sheet- March 19, 2013 Iraq: The Invasion and Occupation 10 Years Later (.pdf only )

Fact Sheet-March 20, 2012 Casualties of Iraq, Nine Years Later (.pdf only )

Fact Sheet-September 9, 2011 Aftermath of 9/11, Ten Years Later (.pdf only )

Fact Sheet-January 14, 2011 Iraq, Twenty Years Later (.pdf only )

Fact Sheet-March 19, 2010 Iraq, Seven Years Later (.pdf only )

Fact sheet-October 2, 2009 US Out of Afghanistan! The Invasion, Eight Years Later... (.pdf only )

Fact sheet-March 15, 2008 US Out of the "Middle East": Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran... (.pdf only )

Fact sheet-September 29, 2007 Stop the Wars and Occupations (.pdf only )

Fact sheet-March 19, 2007 No More Occupations, No More Wars (.pdf only )

Fact sheet-September 16, 2006 Aftermath of 9/11, Five Years Later (.pdf only )

Fact sheet-March 19, 2006: End the War, Begin the Peace (.pdf only )

Fact sheet-September 23, 2005: End the Occupation and the War (.html ) (.pdf )

Fact sheet-January 20, 2005: Bring Oregon's Troops Home (.html or .pdf)

Fact sheet-April 12, 2003: "US Out of Iraq! Demand Balanced Media Coverage"(.html)

Fact sheet -January 16, 2002: Commemorating 11 years since the "Gulf War"
    and challenging the expansion of the "War on Terrorism" (.html or .pdf)

Fact Sheet-April 6, 2001: No-Fly Zones (.html or .pdf)

Fact sheet -January, 2000: The 9th year anniversary of the "Gulf War (Web- friendly, printable copy-.html)

Statement: October 7, 2001: PJW Statement on US Bombing of Afghanistan






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