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Anaglyphs - Red left, Blue right

  Anaglyph Gallery  Scenic Views of Western America
Gallery of Stereo Pairs  Scenics and Closeups
Gallery III (pairs and anaglyphs) Colorado, South Dakota, Idaho
Gallery IV (more pairs and anaglyphs) Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Japanese Garden 
Gallery V (more...)
Around the House in 3d, (stereographic images captured with a video camera)
Oregon Caves National Monument - Real stalactites and stalagmites!
Scandinavia - 3d pictures (anaglyphs and pairs) from my summer vacation of 1998. 
Hawaii - Anaglyphs and pairs - summer vacation 1999.
A few anaglyphs from summer vacation (scanned prints)
Check out this stereogram background
Miscellaneous fractal anaglyphs
Miscellaneous anaglyphs - The Redwoods, a Baldwin Mikado, Architectural shots...
3d pinhole photographs, World Pinhole Photography day, 2002
The 4449 visits Hillsboro in 3d
Two Dinosaurs - a Union Pacific "Big Boy" and a Dinosaur track along the Paluxy Rever at Glen Rose
The Rodgers Organ Console made famous by Virgil Fox
Promentory Point, Utah - Site of the completion of the North American trans-continental railroad in 1869
Odds-n-Ends - candy jar, keys on counter, buildings and statues, national parks and chandeliers
Baltic region in 3d - Helsinki, Finland - Tallinn, Estonia - Riga, Latvia - Vilnius, Lithuania - Gdansk, Poland - Dresden and Berlin, Germany
Mt Ashland - Southern Oregon's premier ski area, Mt Ashland offers spectacular views from Crater Lake to Mt Shasta - all anaglyphs

      NASA ANAGLYPHS from the surface of

      3D Imaging and Stereo Photography are hobbies I have pursued since I was a teenager. It all started when I found a Kodak Realist stereo camera for sale at a benefit auction. The camera itself never did work right (actually, it's in really good shape, just needs to be cleaned and adjusted) but it served as the inspiration for experimentation and discovery.

      I've put together a brief synopsis of my learnings through the years. Stereographic Imaging in Theory and Practice is a work in progress that details some of the concepts necessary to understand the process and create your own stereo images. If I get enough encouragement, I might actually finish it.

      To 'free view' stereo images takes knowledge and practice. Anaglyphs require special equipment. If you are not an experienced "Stereo Surfer", please take some time and explore these excellent informational and educational resources:

      Rainbow Symphony Inc., a leading supplier of 3D glasses, has been manufacturing quality paper eye wear and specialty optical products for over twenty five years.
Dan Shelley has put together an excellent guide to 3d resources on the internet.
      All of my images were produced using standard 35mm equipment - a Yashica TL Electro-X (retired) and an Olympus XA and a Canon A1.  Images have been digitally processed by various means.

All images © Terry Blackburn, 1997

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