Experimental 3d Gallery

3d images captured from video tape by SNAPPY
Probably not a technique I'll use a lot, but it will do in a pinch!  Images are too small
and sharpness is a major issue.  All of these look better
in their 'crossed-eye' versions than the anaglyphs.  The anaglyphs are
way too small.

The Back Yard
Looking west.

The Back Yard
Looking north.

The Wild Columbine
A native columbine (Aquilegia Formosa) growing in my backyard.

The Rose Garden
A really messy 3d shot.  Note the tree rose in the foreground and the mostly obscured rock wall that separates the rose garden from the experimental ground cover garden.

The Front Yard
The rose garden on the street corner.  There's a full size anaglyph of this one available, 600 x 800, just to demonstrate how really blurry these images are.  The 'crossed-eye' version gives the best color and detail.

The Rhododendron
To the left of the driveway.  Flower clusters are 6 inches across.


All images © Terry Blackburn, 1999