Scandinavia - 3d!

A rooftop level view of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Church Graveyard
Ancient and recent headstones exchange nods in church graveyard at Granhult, Sweden.

The Vasa

The warship Vasa, restored to all of its baroque splendor. A truly amazing piece of history, and a "must see" attraction in Stockholm, Sweden.

Church Graveyard

Another church graveyard.  This one in Rättvik, Sweden, on the shore of Lake Siljan

The Norwegian Highlands

The Halls of the Mountain King - There are trolls here, I'm sure of it!

Cactus Garden in Växjö
It seemed enormously out of place, but this lovely display of cacti and succulents was growing out of doors at a latitude of 57 degrees north, roughly the same latitude as Juneau, Alaska.  There were giant century plants all over town, but I did observe they were in huge pots!

Statue on Waterfront 

Oslo, Norway

The North Cascades
No, this isn't Scandinavia.  I snapped this shot out the airplane window on my way home, just before we landed in Seattle.  It's just a guess, but could this be Mt. Baker?


All images ©Terry Blackburn, 1998,1999