This is the place to check for the latest and greatest (in relative terms, of course) new stuff in my WebSpace. Also, from time to time I come up with miscellaneous stuff that I don't know what else to do with. I'll list that stuff here as well. 


The Miscellaneous Stuff
    Hale-Bopp page - A picture of the comet taken by my dad. 

    CCD images of the lunar surface taken by my dad.

    Ponder the possibility of life on another planet . Look at what I 'discovered' that NASA and the scientists at the JPL will never talk about. 

    Statistics of various web rings I belong to.

The History
  • Updated side-bar menu (09/16/97). Probably will need to be revisited. I think maybe the print is too small. What do you think?
    • includes new pages and pages left off the original menu:
      • GraphicSpace page added to menu
      • Vacation page added to menu
      • HotNews page added to menu
  • Overhaul of Fractal WebSpace begun (09/07/97)
    • Five new Fractal Galleries created
    • New title page graphics created
    • Baby Ben Incubator reduced to secondary status
  • Redesign of 3d WebSpace title page (Sept, 1997)
  • Summer Vacation Page created (August, 1997)
  • DeskCam goes live on Internet (May, 1997)
  • 3D WebSpace begun (April, 1997)
  • Photography WebSpace begun (April, 1997)
  • WebSpace goes Internet! (February, 1997)
  • DeskCam goes live on Intranet (December, 1996)
  • WebSpace preliminary development begun (November, 1996)
ok, enough already...