My Grandmother's Postcards

Among my grandmother's possessions were 2 collections of postcards.  The first collection, now nearly a hundred years old, consist of greeting cards from family and friends.  These cards, many with messages and postmarks, were carefully preserved in an album.  Through many years of removing the cards from the album to read messages, etc., the cards and the album have become ragged and tattered.  The postmarks on the cards in this collection date if between 1909 and 1914.  To prevent futher deterioration of the collection I have scanned both sides of the cards so they no longer have to be removed from the album to read the messages or examine the affixed postage.

The second collection presents as a stack of nearly a hundred cards an inch an a half high.  These cards are well preserved and were collect by my grandmother during family vacations from the 1920's through the 1940's.  These cards are uncirculated.  Many are from well known postcard publishers of the day and can be identified quite accurately.

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1.  The Album
2.  The Open Collection

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