DeskCam Technical Notes

Well, my old Connectix Color Quick Cam finally bit the dust.  Not physically, mind you, but rather suffered a terminal case of emotional disfunction.  Basically, there is no Win2000 driver for the device.  So, I replaced it with an Intel Pocket Digital PC Camera. The results have exceeded my expectations.  Color and clarity are significantly imroved.  The pictures below were taken with the old camera.  While still far less that what one would expect from a minimally functional digital camera, as a web-cam it is way fun. I still use Surveyor Corporation 's Webcam32, version 6.0.1. The image is uploaded every 5 minutes (except when I'm using the camera to take pictures for web sites I manage). You may need to refresh your screen to see the current image.  Click << here >> to see my original desk cam page.  I've moved to a new office and things have changed (like, I got a haircut!).  I periodically change the direction my camera points.  Below are four basic possibilities.
This is my work area.  The picture on the wall is a Raven shaded relief map of Crater Lake, Oregon. I recently contacted Raven about this map - it's out of print, sorry...
This is the view towards the door.  You can see my big file cabinet.  The globe is a 12 inch Replogle.  It was manufactured during the summer of 1948. It has cool countries like Belgian Congo, Sarawak, Siam, and Baluchistan.  The plant is a Ficus repens, and the clock has to be wound every 31 days or so.  The chime is really loud so everyone in the department knows what time it is!

This is the wall straight across from my desk.  The picture is a geologic map of the island of Hawaii.  I bought the map as a souvenir of my visit to Kilauea.  The Boston Fern somewhat obscures the view of the table I use for meetings, etc. The entire south wall of my office is glass, overlooking a central atrium in the building.  I'm on the top floor, and there is a glass roof that lets lots of light in.  This picture was taken in the middle of the night, so it's a bit dark.  Periodically you might catch someone walking by.  The window on the far right across the atrium is my boss's office.

Below is the Caithness paperweight that Lindsey
brought me from Scotland.  It lives on top of the
file cabinet.


Can you spot the camera?

That's my office! (taken with an actual digital camera)

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