Wild Ideas
Isn't the internet great!  I have lots to say that the whole world needs to hear.  Standing on a street corner and shouting is not effective beyond a few feet.  My wife smiles and nods appropriately, but I'm sure she gets tired of hearing it, and the dog doesn't really understand.  So, here's what I have to say.  And, you can take it or leave it.  You are only responsible for truth if you actually read it, right?  As this list grows it will cover a wider and wider array of topics and subjects.  Some are really boring and dry.  Others are a bit more fun.  You may want to be selective in what you take on.  I'm not.

Alternate Temperaments: Theory and Philosophy (11/13/1998)
Current trends in the performance of slave era spirituals (10/27/1999)
My thoughts on Unsolicited e-mail (12/29/1999)
The Y2k "Bug" (01/04/2000)
Only 362 more days until The New Millennium! (01/04/2000)
An Anthropology of Male-Pattern Shopping (01/12/2000)
Formula-based Algorithms with Binary Logic Encoding (FABLE) (02/24/2000)
Before you fly Horizon Airlines... (11/03/1998)
So, you want to build an e-business? Think Again! (06/02/2000)
Video Stores - Customer Service and Privacy (07/03/2000)
Essential Ingredients of a Great Day (01/04/2001)
Scott Joplin's Treemonisha - Discriminated Masterpiece or Vision of Grandeur (03/13/2001)
12 Tone Music - admonitions to practitioners (04/09/2001)
Photographic Theory - Concepts and Formulae (09/24/2001)
Fill'er Up - fight back against assault advertising (09/26/2001)
Are the Olympics Doomed? (02/22/2002)
The Sad, Sorry State of Daytime Television (04/11/2002)
An open letter to Taco Bell (10/18/2002)
3d Photographic Theory - You know, those funny red and blue glasses... (work in progress!)
Purchasing Power? or Potential Power? (03/05/2003)
DO NOT CALL (what part of NO do you not understand?) (09/19/2003)
Is Classical Music Irrelevant? (11/01/2003)
Home Buying Tips My house is next to the airport. Who do I complain to about the noise? (07/01/2004)
Gardening Tips Things I've learned from watching other gardeners (07/01/2004)
If I Were in Charge of Outer Space... (07/05/2004)