Summer is a welcome reprieve from the formal studies of school, but not an opportunity to turn off the brain and cease learning. This summer was designed to be both educational and recreational, providing a wide variety of experiences. A trip to the Portland Rose Festival Air Show demonstrates physics and engineering to the max. How fast do you accelerate as you free-fall from the 224 foot Drop Zone tower at Great America? Why don't you fall out of a roller coaster when it turns upside down? Why is it so difficult to catch ones breath at 10,000 feet? How is it that someone from the 1500's was so sophisticated that his plays are still performed to sold out audiences almost 500 years later? And, finally, what's it like to spend the night in an actual fire lookout perched on the top of a 4,100 ft. rock 50 miles from the nearest city? (Besides, what else are you going to do with a couple of straight 'A' students on vacation?)

Here's some snapshots I ran through the scanner. Have a look!

Stay tuned! More pictures to come... (When Chantel finishes her roll!)