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Echoes of Past Glory...
Washington County Chorale
Ralph Vaughan-Williams
Dona Nobis Pacem
Baritone Soloist
Terry Blackburn
June 9 & 10, 2001
- World Premier -
Hobo's Meditation
arranged for double mixed quartet
performed at
The Great Train Concert
Washington County Chorale
March 10 & 11, 2001
- Debut! -
My debut performance as baritone soloist in a major work
with orchestra
June 11, 2000
Calvin Presbyterian, Tigard
with the Washington County Chorale
and the very lovely Ms. Launa Rae Mathews as soprano soloist
- Premier Performance -
The Star Spangled Banner
arranged for English Handbells and performed by
- Ring of Fire -
The Rose Garden
Portland, Oregon
April 2, 2000
Portland Trailblazers vs. Seattle SuperSonics
Ring of Fire playing the National Anthem
April 2, 2000 6:00 pm 
(1.9 meg Quicktime 4 format)
Print your own copy of the music!
The Star Spangled Banner - ssb.pdf - (50k)
European Premier!
Three Pentatonic Hymns
for String Orchestra
Cantabile - On Tour
Austria - Vienna, Melk, and Spittal
Switzerland - Geneva, Thun, and Unterseen
Italy - Trieste and Florence
June 14 - 28, 1999
World Premier!
Butterflies in the Grass
Century High school Treblemakers
May 26, 1999
Hi!  This is my music page.  I am semi-serious about music.  My college career resulted in a degree in Music Theory.  So, you ask, what does one do with a degree in music theory?  That is a very good question.  So, I have set about trying to figure out the answer.  In the process, I (in no particular order...) For those who care, I now editorialize! Read my thoughts and opinions on: My Music

Here are a few excerpts from a number of my original compositions , arrangements and transcriptions . Many of these pieces have not yet been performed.  I do claim the copyright on these pieces.  I have not dedicated them to the public domain.  I am reasonably generous with permission to copy and perform my music, but please ask.  If you're going to make a bunch of money performing or selling my music then, obviously, I'd like my fair share.  If you do perform one of my works, please send me a copy of the performance, if possible.  I prefer CD, but I will accept cassette tape.  I have no delusions of getting rich off anything you see posted here.  I'd much rather people have the opportunity to enjoy my music.

News Note:  (03/29/2001)  I am in the process of converting all the music below into .pdf files for viewing and printing via the Adobe Acrobat Viewer.  This is a long, slow, and tedious process.  I am converting my entire collection to Finale 2001 from Encore v.3.0.  This requires intensive editing and in some cases reconstruction from scratch.  The results are well worth it, though. As an added benefit, I'm now posting entire pieces.  Here's a sample : Away in a Manger    In the mean time, I have removed all the old .eps files and will be removing the .gif's as .pdf's become available.  I may even add a MIDI file or two.  Maybe.  If you see something here you just can't wait to get your hands on, drop me a line and I'll see what I can do...

Original Compositions:

Sonatina - Clarinet and Piano - 1994
Neo-Classical style, approx. 8 minute duration 
Moderately difficult (long phrases, wide range)
GIF Image
PDF File
I. First Movement (144 measures, 9 pages) 
[ 1st Mvmt
II. Second Movement (27 measures, 2 pages) 
[ page1
III. Third Movement (103 measures, 7 pages) 
[ 3rd Mvmt
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Butterflies in the Grass
Poems by Kathy McCrae
Intended for girl choir, short pieces, total duration 5:30 
1 and 3 are fairly difficult, though short.  2 and 4 are much easier.  Piano parts could be considered challenging
PDF File
1. Hey, Guess What? (30 measures, 4 pages) 
2. My Charm Bracelet (35 measures, 5 pages) 
3. (once i stalked butterflies) (14 measures, 2 pages) 
4. Dream (42 measures, 5 pages, a capella) 

Missing You - Piano Solo - 1995
'New Age' piano solo - duration 2:30 (just to see if I could do the style!) It only took me a couple of hours to write this, but by the time I was done, the style was no longer popular!  I'm sure I could have been great...
Moderate difficulty (I can play it, so it's not too bad!)
PDF File
Missing You (45 measures, 3 pages) 

Four Short Detours for Piano - 1975
4 very brief 12 tone pieces for piano solo
Technically reasonably easy.  You're not going to get by playing these by ear, though!  This version is freshly edited and most accurately reflects 'the composer's intentions'! (Note: I wrote these in high school as a 'spoof' on the whole concept of 12 tone music.  I was pleasantly surprised when they won the Oregon Music Teacher's Association composition contest that year!)
Midi File PDF File
Detour I  (20 measures, 30 seconds)  
Detour II  
Detour III  
Detour IV  

Away in a Manger - SATB and Piano - 1976/2000
Modern setting of the classic text. duration 3:00 - Choral parts written in 1976, final accompaniment version in 2000. 
Moderately difficult.  Tight harmonies require precise intonation.  This is one of my favorites - I hope someone will perform it someday.  It's maybe a bit 'Rutter-like', but it's not bad work for a 19 year old kid (and long before I had ever heard of John Rutter).  The accompaniment has been reworked several times.  I think maybe I finally have it right...
PDF File
Away in a Manger (37 measures , 5 pages) 

Pie Jesu - Baritone Solo - 1994
Modern setting - Pie Jesu, exaudi orationem meam. Dona ei pacem, et lux perpetua luceat ei. 
Moderately difficult accompaniment (9ths and 10ths in both hands simultaneously) vocally not too demanding, though a difficult read.  Fortunately, it's really slow... (do you think anyone will notice this is the same as the second movement of the clarinet Sonatina?  I wrote it simultaneously to fit the above text and the low register of the clarinet for the Sonatina.  So, technically they are both the 'original' form of the work.)
PDF File
Pie Jesu (27 measures, duration 1:30) 

 Unto the Hills - SATB and Piano
Traditional choral anthem. Easy. Performed a couple of times.  Reasonably successful.  Some people complain that the piano intro should be written in 3/4.  To me, that would make it way too pedantic.  Sorry...
Midi File
PDF File
Unto the Hills (58 measures, duration 2:30) 


Let All the Earth Keep Silence? - SSA and Piano

Choral anthem/concert piece - Work In Progress or Stillborn Creation?  I like the sound, driving rhythm, etc. but I'm not sure where it's going.  I've been intermittently working on this one for at least 15 years.

Midi File

Gif Image

PDF File

Let All the Earth Keep Silence? (48 measures so far...) 
[ Keep Silence.mid
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Three Pentatonic Hymns - String Orchestra
Arrangements of three classic hymns from the Southern Harmony/Sacred Harp tradition set for string orchestra. 
Moderate skill level (advanced High School or College Strings)  Some tight harmonies requiring accurate intonation, some rhythmic challenges.  These are the most widely performed of all my music.  The entire set has been performed throughout the Northwest U.S. and Europe.  Resignation was written on request of my college composition teacher and orchestra conductor.  Beach Spring was a commission by a now disbanded local string group.  Holy Manna was written to round out the set.  Parts and 11x14 conductor's score available for rent...
PDF File
I. Holy Manna 1995 
II. Beach Spring 1993 
III. Resignation 1982 

Three Old Hymns - Soprano Solo and Piano - 1995
Three traditional hymns from the Sacred Harp and Southern Harmony tradition.  Not quite 'Art Song' arrangements, but certainly not 'pop' treatments either, with a broad range of influence from jazz to gospel to classical.  Aimed at preserving the integrity of the original melody and its traditions while presenting these time-honored hymns in a new light.  Challenging, though not really difficult.
PDF File
1. Imandra (O Jesus My Savior)   
2. Distress   
3. Christian Soldier (Am I a soldier of the Cross) (74 measures, duration 1:30)
[ Soldier.mid

Four Recorder Quartets
Christmas, 1982.  Arranged for various combinations of recorders.  We owned 3 soprano and 1 alto recorder, and then got access to a tenor.  These are short and easy, but maybe a little screechy! MIDI File PDF File
I Saw Three Ships - 3 soprano and 1 alto Recorder  
Away in a Manger (Kirkpatrick), 3 soprano and 1 alto, or 2 soprano, 1 alto, and 1 tenor Recorder  
The Holly and the Ivy - Three soprano and 1 alto Recorder  
Bring a Torch, Jeannette, Isabella - 3 soprano and 1 alto  


Beecher (Love Divine) - SATB with Duo Piano - 1994

Traditional choral anthem, SATB and two pianos. 
Pretty easy choral parts, moderately difficult piano parts (never performed - not the most beautiful edition, but it's all there, I think...)

Midi File

PDF File

Beecher (94 measures, duration 4:00) 

Two Hymns for Handbells
Traditional Hymns arranged for 3 octave handbell choir. They were arranged for 'Ring of Fire' before they became 'Ring of Fire'. (these may be lost.  I don't seem to be able to locate either printed or electronic copies)  Moderately Easy - Great pieces for the average church or school bell choir.  I'll keep looking... (I found them, in an envelop, neatly filed away.  I wonder what else I might find!)
PDF File
1. O Worship the King - 1995 (44 measures, duration 2:00) 
2. When He Cometh - 1996 (95 measures, duration 3:15) 


Morning Star - SATB a capella - 1995

Hymn from Southern Harmony. Tentatively scheduled for premier in December, 2001
Moderately Easy

Midi File

PDF File

Morning Star (98 measures, duration 4:00) 

Lead Me to Calvary - Baritone Solo - 1996
Arrangement of the classic Wm. J. Kirkpatrick Easter hymn - I completely forgot about this one, performed once, immediately after it was arranged.  I found an electronic copy of it tucked away in an obscure directory.  This arrangement combines the typical aura of a 1920's gospel hymn with a modern flavor, giving it an eclectic charm all its own.
Moderately easy, range from low A-flat to F above middle C.
PDF File
Lead Me to Calvary (70 measures, duration 3:30)


The Star Spangled Banner - 1999

Handbell Choir - Moderately difficult (well, except Ring of Fire memorized it in about half an hour)  Performed for two Portland Trailblazer basketball games in front of 20,000 screaming fans!
PDF File
The Star Spangled Banner (34 measures, duration 1:30)

Hobo's Meditation - a capella Double Mixed Quartet - 2001
Classic Jimmy Rodgers tune, arranged for the Washington county Chorale' s performance of Linda Needham 's musical theater production  The Great Train Concert .  That's me in the middle, 'playing' the guitar.  The piece starts out as a musical conversation amongst the hobos with a yodeling interlude, and winds up as a pseudo-barbershop chorus.  This is a full eight part arrangement.  Everybody gets a solo line! MIDI File PDF File
Hobo's Meditation (112 measures, duration 3:30)   HobosMeditation.pdf
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Bach - Cantata BWV 192 - CHORAL. "Nun danket Alle Gott"
Transcription of this famous chorale usually performed as an organ solo.  This transcription is an effort to combat the 'circus caliope' effect introduced when arrangers have attempted to include the timpani part as a part of the organ score.
PDF File
Choir score with Keyboard Accomp.
Organ Score


Bach - Air from Suite in D - 1970/1999

Piano Accordion - Arranged in 1970 and performed extensively for a couple of years, finally put on paper in 1999. 
Very difficult.  Long phrases, huge reaches (requires large hands)
Midi File
PDF File
Air from Suite in D (19 measures, 2 pages) 


Rachmaninoff - Vocalise - Duo Piano - 1994 

Duo Piano 
Difficult.  More double sharps than you can imagine

Midi File

Gif Image

PDF File

Vocalise (70 measures, 8 pages) 


Gluck - Melodie - Duo Piano - 1994

Duo Piano (also in progress - version for 1 piano, four hands.) 

Midi File

Gif Image

PDF File

Melodie (38 measures, 3 pages) 


Faure - Sicilienne - Duo Piano - 1995

Duo Piano 
Moderate (this is one of my personal favorites)

Midi File

PDF File

Sicilienne (86 measures, 7 pages) 


R. Vaughan Williams - Rhosymedre - Duo Piano - 1995

Duo Piano 
Ooops... This one is not public domain, and I don't have permission to do what I did to it, so you're not going to hear me play it in public or find it posted here.  Let's think of it as an academic exercise and, as such, is protected for  instructional use.

Midi File

Gif Image

PDF File

Rhosymedre (52 measures, 4 pages) 


Bach - Sinfonia from Cantata # 29 - Duo Piano - 1993

Duo Piano 
This transcription is really the pits.  My Duo-Piano partner refused to take the lead part (can you blame her???), so it's all dumped into one part.  It's a great piece and a fine transcription.  I'm just not sure anyone really wants to play it!

Midi File

Gif Image

PDF File

Sinfonia (138 measures, 10 pages) 
[ C29.mid

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Now, here's a real outlier - an accordion polka!  I named it Necanicum Polka. I wrote it for a contest . While nobody seemed to appreciate my work as much as they might, it was an excellent exercise.  The live recording (required for entry into the contest) is 1.5 meg. It takes a LONG time to load. You can download the .ZIP file and play it at your convenience. It's not a perfect performance, but what do you expect after a twenty year vacation from the instrument?! So, here it is, for the whole world to hear. BEWARE!

Necanicum Polka - Sept 22, 1997

Moderately Easy

Midi File

Gif Image

PostScript Print File

1 and 1/2 minutes
[ Polka.mid 10k] [ necanicum.wav 1,500k] [ 500k] [ necanicum.mp3 192k]
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Publisher rejection #1 took 8 months 12 days.
Oh, and yes, I do play viola.

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